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Len Rosenberg October 27th, 2007 08:29 AM

Anyone using Vegas on an Intel Mac?
I'm switching from PC to Mac. I recently completed a quick project in Vegas and enjoyed it, I'd like to continue with Vegas, especially for the audio abilities. Is anyone running Vegas on an Intel Mac? If I did, using Bootcamp or Parallels, would I be losing the benefits of Mac based video editing? Thanks for any info and all suggestions are welcome.

Robert Wheeler October 27th, 2007 08:51 AM

The current batch of Macs are either PC's integrated into designer screen based cases, or straight ATX PC's in custom designed cases. If you use your Mac as a PC by installing Windows, you will not loose any benefits of the Mac as you can obviously still run the Mac side.

However, Boot camp is definitely the way to go. I would not recommend trying to run any power software on a virtualization of any sort.

It is also worth noting that file portability between the OS X and Windows XP sides it not always that easy. As far as I know, OS X Tiger has never supported writing to NTFS disks and reading is very slow. This may be resolved in Leopard. Mac OS X can read and write to FAT16 and FAT 32 disks, but the 2 gig file limit of these formats does not make it ideal for digital video.

There is no native Mac disk format support in Windows XP. Macdrive is quite capable of allowing decent access of Mac formatted disks on the Windows side.

Don Meers October 27th, 2007 01:32 PM

Yeah I run Vegas on my Mac book through bootcamp. Smooth as silk. Runs better than my PC laptop with vegas. Freaks out Mac users when they see vegas however. Then they start bagging me and saying how good FCP is etc......wankers.

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