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Todd Mathews December 15th, 2007 06:25 PM

Render Test only 30 percent CPU?
I finished my Vegas 8.0 trial of Vegas and bought the Vegas Pro 8 upgrade. I was completing the rendertest around 2:45 consistently with the CPU pegged in the 90 percent the entire time with the trial. I thought I would do a clean install of XP x64 and now it is running much slower/erratic. 4-6 minutes plus. I noticed the CPU usage is in the low 30 percent and the page file usage is aroung 600mb. I have a 2 dual xenon 2.0 ghz with 2 gb ram. Video preferences within vegas is set to 4 threads and dynamic ram preview of 128mg. Where is the bottleneck. I should have left well enough alone.

Chris Soucy December 15th, 2007 07:50 PM

Hi Todd.............
First off, was it the vegas 8 upgrade that has slowed down or the jump from one to the other. In other words, are you comparing like with like.

If it's the same software now running slow I guess it's either a driver (mobo, Raid controller?, graphics card etc) issue or a configuration change of some sort.

You haven't provided enough detail to finger anything positively.


Todd Mathews December 15th, 2007 10:26 PM

Hi Chris
I am comparing apples to apples. 8.0 trial then I wiped the hard drive and installed 8.0 upgrade. Had problems installing the .net framework 3.0 on windows x64. The installation disk for Vegas tries to install the 32bit version which doesn't work. Had to go to windows for that. Had problems loading the correct drivers as well since Dell doesn't send the right disk for x64 drivers. I have three internal sata HD's. One for the OS and the other two for clips/render to. No RAID. Everything seems to be setup properly under device manager no conflicts. I didn't make any changes to the system BIOS since I don't think a clean Windows install affects that.

Chris Soucy December 15th, 2007 11:23 PM

That's what I was afraid of.

If you were running the trial (which is usually a cut down version), then wiped the machine, reloaded Windows then Vegas 8 (real), you aren't actually comparing like for like, as the trial probably doesn't do heaps the real thing does.

However, all that aside, it looks like a driver problem to me - oh God, you aren't running Vista, are you?

When you say you had problems with the 32/ 64 bit thing - you didn't upgrade from 32 to 64 during this install, did you?

If so it is most probably a driver issue and will, in the short term, only be cured by returning to "ground zero" of W32.

Sorry if this comes across as "the voice of doom", it's not supposed to be, just trying to get a handle on the situation.

I could go off at a tangent and point you to all the Vista related posts re drivers et al, but untill I know more, little point.


Todd Mathews December 16th, 2007 01:40 AM

Yes I was running the trial and many other trials. That is part of the reason I decided to start with a clean install. I have been running XP 64 bit the entire time. One thing I remember is I don't recall any install issues when I loaded the trial version. When I loaded the upgraded 8.0 I had the issues of .net framework 3.0. The upgrade disk only had the 32bit version which of course didn't work on my machine. So to waste the rest of the day I reloaded XP again and tried the trial software again but still having the same problem. CPU will use between 29-34 percent. My times aren't terrible but a minute slower on the renderest-hdv which I find annoying? I just can't figure out why that is. I don't have anything else running in the background. Guess I will contact Dell/Sony. I know don't hold my breath....

Don Bloom December 16th, 2007 06:46 AM

Just an FYI ---Vegas "trials" are full versions-nothing is left out at least nothing that I've ever seen or know of since using version 2 late edition (just prior to version 3).


Todd Mathews December 16th, 2007 09:08 AM

yeah but...
It sounds like I will probably have to live with it..... I wish I hadn't run that darn render test until I bought the program. My times are respectable compared to what I have seen on Sony's site. Consistently 2:40 with the trial version and before the clean install.....after 3:20. Funny thing is with the better time the cpu was pegged at 99 percent and with the slower time around 33 percent. So at least it's not a linear relationship..yeah! So I blow an entire Saturday for 30 seconds???? Now I am getting over my head but I did notice the drivers for the CPU's are dated 10/2002. Any chance that could be a culprit? Okay I will limit my time to one hour with Dell supposedly Golden tech support now and enjoy the rest of Sunday. Thanks everyone...

Todd Mathews December 16th, 2007 09:26 AM

One more thing....
The only thing I noticed is when I was running the trial version I am almost positive the .net framework 3.0 wasn't on my machine. I know version 1.1 was. I don't know what the program does or if that could be the culprit.

Chris Soucy December 16th, 2007 01:01 PM

Hi Todd..........
I suggest you get on - line and download a complete set of drivers for everything on the machine: mobo, graphics etc. Bad drivers could seriously spoil your systems entire day.

Also, go on - line to MS and download the latest applicable version of .net framework (may take some digging but it will be there).

The reason for that low CPU utilisation is, usually, a bottleneck on the mobo which really does finger drivers as the culprit.


Chris Soucy December 16th, 2007 01:23 PM

And more...........
Thinking about this further, burrowing through the memory banks, I came up with this snippet.

Last year I tried to have a play with Windows Media Encoder. From memory I had to download it from MS. Did so. Wouldn't run, failed with some sort of message referenceing "famework.net".

Downloaded that. Still wouldn't run. I finally managed to provoke it into uttering a warning about "incompatible/ unsigned drivers", whereupon I discovered that when the system had been built, the tech had simply loaded the drivers that came with my graphics card, so old they were powered by steam.

Downloaded the latest MS signed drivers for the card and - voila, off it went, perfect H264 files at the drop of a hat.

So, the moral of this story is: the drivers on your Windows install disc/ accompanying hardware drivers etc will be so out of date as to be untrue (probably). Download the appropriate latest "SIGNED" drivers and you may just be ok.


Todd Mathews December 16th, 2007 09:37 PM

Hey Chris...
You really a kiwi? In about six months you want to visit some southwestern desert? Anyway Dell told me to reload the OS again and gave me the order to reload the drivers. Too tired so might try it next weekend. If that doesn't work where would I get these drivers. I am guessing maybe from Intel since it might be a cpu i/o problem. Anyway from the first sentence I watched a hour long program about Fjordland National Park in NZ. I have to get there before I die, plus I have a HD camera and a NLE I don't know how to use. Yippee!!!

Chris Soucy December 17th, 2007 03:46 PM

Hi Todd..........
Q1 - sort of (well, I'm here, if that says anything). Actually originated north of the US/ Canuk border.

Q2 - Ooh, yes please!

Q3 - Mobo drivers from either board manufacturer or chipset supplier depending on the arrangement they've come to.

Graphics drivers from board manufacturer/ chipset manufacturer, again, dependant on arrangement.

Sound drivers..........you get the drift.

Dell should be able to tell you - heck, they might all be on the Dell web site if it's one of their systems.

A bit of casual surfing should unearth the necessary.

Hey, you could always pack the camera and come look around FNP yourself (why watch it on the telly when you could be shooting it instead?).


Chris Soucy December 17th, 2007 10:43 PM

And more.............
Just had a quick look out of curiosity.

Think you should be able to find just about all your drivers on the Dell US web site. Just need to do a little burrowing.


Jonathan Gentry December 18th, 2007 12:25 AM

I'm running Vista 64 bit with 4GB memory Quad Core Proc. Fully installed version of Vegas all settings default (just installed it.) Opened a project clicked render all processors (4) went to about 97% and stayed there. The render to AVI NTSC DV was about 1 minute of video time rendered per second. Looks like fast motion. I am very impressed with this setup.

You've got something going on with your install. Remove framwork and remove vegas and reinstall. I would remove framework and install from Windows update. Only after getting all the windows updates should you go with vegas install. At least that's what worked for me.

T. Pham February 8th, 2008 11:32 PM

Well, I thought I had the same problem, and just figure out the solution,
When one clicks on the variable bit rate box, and adjusts the bitrate on hi, low, average to the same value, ie, 7500000, then the cpu would run at max capacity.

hope this help.


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