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Harrison Cummings November 12th, 2009 07:30 AM

rendering and burning a dvd problems
I am new to all of this. I have a Sony V1U HD Camcorder. I shot all my footage in HD. I also have Sony Vegas Pro9. My footage shot looks great. I put some video on a time line, and wanted to burn it to a dvd to see what quality I would have. I rendered and saved the file but when I go to DVD Arc 5 I can not pull up the file. What am I doing wrong? Also my when I play the video on the time line it looks bad in the preview window. Will this be the quality of the DVD when burned?

Mike Kujbida November 12th, 2009 08:13 AM

Are you trying to make a Blu-ray or a regular DVD?
If it's a regular DVD, you need to render MPEG-2 (video) and AC3 (audio) files from Vegas.
Give us a few more details and we'll be glad to help.

Harrison Cummings November 12th, 2009 10:11 AM

Mike thanks for the reply. I am trying to create the best quality regular dvd that I can.

Mike Kujbida November 12th, 2009 11:45 AM

Harrison, am I correct in assuming that, by the small number of posts you've made so far, that you're a Vegas newbie?
If that's the case, I highly recommend getting Vol. 1 Issue #7 of Edward Troxel's (excellent and free) newsletters.
This particular issue goes into detail on encoding (i.e. rendering) your finished product out of Vegas in preparation for authoring in DVD Architect.
There are several other good ones there so feel free to grab as many as you want/need as they're an excellent resource/training tool.

Please understand that there's no way a standard definition video can look as good as your high definition source video on playback.
It'll be close but, due to the size differences between the two, not as good so be prepared.

With respect to your timeline playback, Vegas made some changes in the behaviour of Pro 9 and the Preview window was one of them.
Here are two things from the Readme notes for Pro 9 that will have an impact on this.

** Vegas can now automatically adjust the video preview size and quality to optimize frame rate during preview.
Right-click the Video Preview window and select Adjust Size and Quality for Optimal Playback if you want to emphasize frame rate during preview.
When the command is not selected, video quality is emphasized, and the frame rate will be reduced if necessary.

** Select the Adjust source media to better match project or render settings check box on the Video tab of the Project Properties dialog to enable Vegas to make minor changes to your source media properties including cropping/padding frame size or adjusting interlacing to allow media files to work better with your project.

Ben Longden November 13th, 2009 04:25 AM

Mike, slightly off topic, but with DVDA 5.0...

Ive been trying to burn a project to DVD using DVD5.0 and having trouble with the "optimise" function.

The file is MPEG2 with audio as AC-3, and runs 2h14m... its only for a loop presentation on a background PC monitor at a clients trade stall.

No matter what I did to satisfy the recomression, DVDA spat the dummy. The bit rate in the end was 4Mbps - but it would not render, instead popping up a flag that the video file was OK, but the audio not, and needed recompression - but it would not recompress.

Also it said the home page screen was at a bit rate too low for recompression.

Even using the .avi file, the same thing happened.

In the end, I bypassed things by re-rendering in Vegas at the lower bit rate to fit it on the disc without DVDA doing anything. Then DVDA was happy - as the file was, so it said, OK.

Any ideas?


Mike Kujbida November 14th, 2009 06:05 AM

Ben, every once a year or so I have this happen to me as well.
There's never a good reason for it happening either :-)
What I've learned to do is to start a brand new DVDA project as I think that the problem one seems to have a memory that I can never completely clear out.
Once I do this, things see to be OK.

BTW, for a 2 hr. 14 min. video, the bitrate calculator I use (http://www.johncline.com/bitcalc110.zip) gives me the following settings.
CBR: 4,184,000
VBR: 7,320,000 / 4,184,000 / 2,504,000
I never use CBR for anything over 70 min. long and, for a video this long, I'd do a 2-pass encode.

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