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Thomas Moore November 13th, 2009 12:57 PM

HD to SD for DVD workflow
Reading through this thread


which referenced this blog Precomposed Blog - HD to SD DVD - Best Methods

I can see some problems I'm having with my final DVD output are stemming from the items discussed in both. Note I'm using Sony Vegas 9c.

The only issue I still have is it seems that these mostly seem to deal with interlaced (a lot of 1080 60i) but I can't find a lot of how to handle progressive.

I like shooting in either 108030p, 72030p or 72060p I have followed Perrone's excellent advice on workflow - rendering out to lossless .avi, resizing in Vdub and then bringing back into Vegas and then rendering out using Vasst's DVD assistant and sometimes the MPEG2 templates, which both leave me a little dissapointed with the final DVD quality - not as much as I was before starting this workflow where I had like many others I've read about here talk about the real fuzzy, soft, generally dog poop look. Now at least it's reasonable but still not what I expect to output with a 3K+ camera to give to people :(

The blog referenced above cites steps to work with Preimeire so I'm a little fuzzy on exactly what to do in Vegas, plus as noted above it seems to mostly deal with 108060i. My questions are what would be my best paramaters to use in Avisynth using the three different progressive formats as I read through the hdsd.txt file from Dan Isaacs if I was using interlaced footage I'd be happy but since I'd like to use progressive I'm confused...

I'm OK on using Vdub after it comes out of Avisynth, but then would appreciate any guidance as well on bringing it into HC Encoder for final render out to DVD - still using DVDA unless there is another good free choice out there :)

Thanks for help in advance!

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