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Jon Shuler February 28th, 2010 05:09 PM

Capture problems
Setup: XH-A1, Vegas Movie Studio 9, Dell Inspiron E1705 running XP.

When in the field I use this setup to capture directly to my laptop (no tape as backup). I make sure to disable all background software (Norton AntiVirus, etc.) to make sure it does not interfere with Vegas while I am capturing.

Sometimes when capturing I notice that Vegas has created multiple clips when I have not paused or stopped anything. This does not happen all the time and I cannot figure out why it does happen. The big problem is when this happens is I lose frames between each of the clips.

I really like capturing with Vegas on my Dell but I will have to start using tape as a backup which I was trying to avoid. Any ideas on why this is occurring.


Steve Renouf February 28th, 2010 05:38 PM

File size limitation
If the partition you're capturing to is on FAT32, it'll probably be the file size limitation that you're running into. Make sure that the partition you're capturing to is NTFS to avoid that limitation.

Either that, or the drive can't keep up with the data rate and is dropping frames (resulting in multiple files with data missing.

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