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Geoff Jak March 29th, 2010 03:55 AM

Vegas 9 using huge resources
My Vegas 9 is using up to 1.3gigs of page file memory while in idle mode - something is wrong. It also stalls - "not responding" is the term in task manager. I have 3069 gigs of virtual memory on D drive [not the boot drive]. CPU usage is [at idle] low at 1-3%. Any clues guys? Thx

Sean Nordeen March 29th, 2010 02:01 PM

As a general rule (and according to the recommendation of many software manufacturers including Sony Creative Software), I have the temp files on the same drive as windows and my source and output files on another drive. Harddrives, other then your boot drive, often shut down after a short period of time of inactivity to conserve power and thus there is a lag when you suddenly start to access them. THis is one of the down sides of using socalled Green drives.

Even if a program is idle it can still maintain a large memory footprint from everything you were doing with it before. Close the program and reopen it if it bothers you. Using the clipboard to copy and paste large memory items like video tend to fill up your memory and often aren't freed up until the program is closed. As I have 8GB of RAM on my computer, I don't normaly see a huge virtual memory footprint like that.

Ron Evans March 29th, 2010 03:07 PM

For many years I have run a 4 plus drive approach. Boot, temp, source and output all separate drives. It has worked great and I continue to do so now with my present system. All Sony temps for Edius Vegas, Architect and Sound Forge on the temp drive as are temps for TMPGenc Nero etc. Boot is 250G, temp is 250G, source are a 1T and a RAID 0 2x750G with an output drive of 1T.

Ron Evans

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