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Mike Hammond July 16th, 2010 12:23 PM

Automatic Cross Effects
Hi All,

Did a search for cross effect, cross fade, and automatic cross fade and didn't come up with the answer.

Does anyone know how to stop Vegas from automatically inserting the last used type of cross effect when making cross fades?

In my case, I made a cross fade and then dropped a cross effect (A, B blur) onto that cross fade on the timeline. Now, everytime I make a new crossfade on the timeline, Vegas automatically assumes I want the A, B cross blur.


Mike Kujbida July 16th, 2010 01:15 PM

I'm not sure why this is happening as I just tried it in Pro 8 & Pro 9 and didn't get that problem.
That doesn't help you though so see if this works for you.
The next time you add something to the timeline, click on the cross fade FX and press the / key on the numeric keypad.
This changes the FX to a standard dissolve and everything you add after that will be as expected.

Mike Hammond July 16th, 2010 03:17 PM

Thanks Mike. I'll give it a shot.

Edward Troxel July 16th, 2010 04:52 PM

When you drop a transition on an event in the timeline, that EVENT has that transition. If you then split the event and create a new crossfade, it will still have that transition. The way to get rid of it is as Mike suggested - replace it with the standard crossfade using the "/" key on the numeric keypad. If I'm going to use a specific transition, I try to wait until after all the splitting is done before I add it.

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