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Lorraine Boyle September 1st, 2013 07:34 PM

I moved the files .. how do I convince Vegas?
Well it's been awhile since I picked up this project. And in the meantime all the files were moved to a network file server and reorganized into a more rational file structure. And so trying to open the project results in a lot of 'file not found in specified location' errors. OK so far this is expected.

After working through a very long list of files where a I specify a new location - answering yes to 'find other files in this location' prompt where possible

- I save the project with a new name in the new directory structure.

On opening the newly named project

- it forgets all the new locations I previously told it about and goes back to prompting me for all the old file locations.

Even tried changing the preferred locations for pre-rendered files and such though I can't see why this should have anything to do with the location of source files.

What am I missing here? Perhaps there's a way to edit the .veg file outside of Vegas program itself? Note old version, 5

Robert Garvey November 26th, 2013 08:16 AM

Re: I moved the files .. how do I convince Vegas?
Well I would also like anyone's input on this ....

By mistake, move a file or two or rename or delete, relocate files or tell Vegas to ignore when Vegas dialogue box pops up on project reload. All good, work on the project.

Save the project to the old veg file OR a new veg file. Close the project.

Open up later and Vegas once again wants to know the location of the missing and previously found files.

Any work around?? It is so time consuming to run through the process repeatably.

Peter Riding November 26th, 2013 08:25 AM

Re: I moved the files .. how do I convince Vegas?
Would the solution be as simple as doing a "Save as" and ticking the box to include copying all the media to a new location?

I do that when I archive projects, having already clicked on the lightning bolt icon to get rid of any unused media. The veg file and all the media files are within one folder which I call "consolidated".


Mike Kujbida November 26th, 2013 10:22 AM

Re: I moved the files .. how do I convince Vegas?
Lorraine, this is a long shot but your situation sounds very similar to a user on another forum and here is his solution. I hope this helps.

In this case, I believe the problem of Sony Vegas not offering a "search for missing file" option when opening a project with missing/unlinked media (at least in this instance) was directly attributable to the fact that I was opening an old project file from a virgin machine. In other words, I had never opened a file previously on this computer and the installation of Sony Vegas was also fresh. On top of that, I also had just completed centralizing my data on a new NAS server. So, everything was new and working together for the first time. Now that I've opened a closed a few projects, Sony Vegas is behaving like it should in that it now offers the "search for missing file option" and I'm able to send Vegas to look for the files on the data server and it works! It takes a little longer since more than 15 TBs of data are on the server but it does work and it comes back and prompts me that other files are also in the same location, which is what is/was needed.

Robert, Peter's suggestion of clicking on the lightning bolt icon to get rid of any unused media is always recommended when you get rid of any project media.

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