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Jay Allen May 14th, 2016 07:54 AM

Re: Vegas seems slower than usual...
In premiere I use boris cc10 and dont need to leave the program...faster than Vegas with boris cc
and with dynamic link, after effects is very easy to bring in and out of premiere.

Yes, i will miss the fast workflow of Vegas, but the lack of support has brought it to its knees, and im not going to wait for catalyst to mature and pay a subscription, especially when im allready paying for the adobe cc subscription. Not a hard choice.

Noa Put May 14th, 2016 01:01 PM

Re: Vegas seems slower than usual...
posted in wrong thread.

Renton Maclachlan May 14th, 2016 04:51 PM

Re: Vegas seems slower than usual...

Originally Posted by Chris Harding (Post 1914416)
Hi Renton

Are you using an VFX in Vegas ..they will slow things down dramatically!! I decided to add the "Soft Contrast" plugin to a 4 minute clip yesterday and the render time jumped from 3 minutes to over 16 minutes!!
I'm running an i7 2600 also with just 16GB Ram and on "normal" timelines without any fancy stuff on them. I have Vegas 10 and Vegas 13 so if you still have an older version installed try a test on both versions?? You might have hardware acceleration turned on and the graphics card cannot keep up?? I always keep mine off and have a nice fast machine! Mine will comfortably render 1920x1080 clips to MPEG2 at around 3 times real time.

Hi Chris

Just got back to this thread...

If I understand VFX correctly, I would say I am using a lot of it...multiple png files stacked up on top of each other, involving primarily cropping and zooming. Some/many of these png files are 600dpi because I am zooming in closely on small graphic elements and need them to stay sharp.

Don't know about hardware acceleration. (Sounds like it should improve things, not slow things down!!)

I'm just at the early stage of post production on this episode. When I have sort how I want things to be I will render the png files out and use the the rendered version. I have to do that all ready with all the green screen stuff I have because CK really slows things down.


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