View Full Version : My first completed JVC project - Indycar Racing at Detroit!

John-Paul Bonadonna
September 12th, 2008, 05:58 PM
Hello all,

It is with great pride that I post my 1st sample of work here at the forums. I've gained so much information about the camera from here, so I wanted to give back with 75 seconds of pretty exciting video.

The production company I work for ( has recently acquired the camera, and what better way to do some testing than with a Saturday morning at Belle Isle Raceway in Detroit, with a media pass!

I shot every scene, gathered during a morning practice session (delayed thanks to fog) and then an afternoon qualifying session in glorious sunshine. As it was a 'testing' opportunity, I used an original scene file for the morning session, and then Ciccone's TruColor in the afternoon. Without a doubt, I prefer those shots but I hope my color correction to my original scene file makes it difficult to distinguish between the two....

It was a great time, the access I was granted was incredible! Up close and personal with the likes of Helio Castroneves, Danica Patrick, etc....

I hope you enjoy the stereo sound mix as well. Without further delay...
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John-Paul Bonadonna
September 12th, 2008, 06:01 PM
I should mention...

Clips are all at 100% speed, and I used a 250 shutter. Just like Frankenheimer, there is no trickery here... ;)

Josh Chesarek
September 12th, 2008, 06:03 PM
Very cool. Brings back memories of standing out side the Hockenheim track in Germany at one of the big turns.

Very nicely shot and I liked the pace.

Well done :)