View Full Version : 'Live' Capture tests with Edius - Can't sync with P2...

Shawn Alyasiri
May 28th, 2006, 12:31 PM
I'm goofing around today with the HVX and my laptop system which has Edius Broadcast on it.

After speaking with Barry Green at NAB, he mentioned that Edius does a nice job recording straight from the camera.

I hooked it up, and yes, indeed, Edius is recording straight from the HVX. I had some difficulty at first, as I was set at 720 24pN. I don't think it's accepting any of the native modes, but I've been able to record a number of the 720 30p clips without problem.

One problem I've noticed is, when I try to record to the P2 card (hitting the record button), it stops the capture in Edius. The record button must send some kind of trigger event to Edius that stops the capture.

My test was to see if I could use the laptop in the field (creating a long/master recording), but still recording to P2 as a backup or for whatever reason (tough to trust just one source of anything, much less a computer).

I've tried switching the 1394 settings from OFF, to BOTH, to CHAIN - does the same thing. If I set it to EXT, it doesn't kill the Edius capture, however, it won't start the P2 recording either - some kind of 'Ext Disconnect' warning pops up.

I like the camera - the workflow is a bit of a challenge, and I'm huge on backups. Would like to see if anyone has any recommendations, etc.

Thanks very much to all,

Hans Damkoehler
May 28th, 2006, 05:32 PM
I've tried switching the 1394 settings from OFF, to BOTH, to CHAIN - does the same thing.

Hey Shawn,

Glad to hear you like the camera!

I'm pretty sure you can only do one or the other, i.e. record to P2 OR out to firewire.

However, if you ran component out of the HVX into your system you could do it ... not much help in the field unless you want to drag around a tower, etc. but I think it's the only way to accomplish what you are wanting to do.

Oh yeah, with that PN thing when trying to record externally ... that's kept me dead in the water for some time during some studio shoots until I figured out I needed to go into non-native mode.

See ya man!