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Steve Kalle February 1st, 2011 03:03 PM

PP Settings for Lower Noise & Greenscreen
I just bought a nanoFlash and will use it with a greenscreen quite a bit. After some testing with my EX3 set at -3db and 280Mb I-frame, I found quite a lot of noise which makes keying with Keylight (AE CS5) a bit more difficult than I had hoped in that too much fine detail along the edges is getting cut. I find the noise creating quite a lot of varying green splotches; so, I am trying to find the best PP settings to remove the noise and make keying easier and better. So far, I have tried only 56k as I read about there being more noise in the blue channel so 56k helps (I'm using 56k lamps in Diva 401s and Barfly 200s). I am using the waveform in a Panny BT-LH1710W to get an even illumination behind a person sitting and composed from waist up. I have tried 12 various Matrix and gamma settings and they all seem very close to one another in noise levels. Everything else has been left at 0 in the PP settings.

I want lower noise and don't mind loosing a bit of resolution as the video will end up as SD broadcast and SD web.

Another thought is to use something like Neat Image to reduce the noise and then make the key but that will add time to the process; so, I would like to dial in the PP settings first.


Tom Bostick February 1st, 2011 04:42 PM

could you post a full res snapshot so we can see exactly what your dealing with?

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