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Stephen Eastwood October 14th, 2007 12:50 AM

shoot 60 convert to 24?
What are the major drawbacks of shooting hdv at 60i and converting a final render at 24p after editing?

I ask because for many things I am currently shooting some of it will be slowmotion segments so I think shooting at 60 may be better for that, but the final should be 24 output, so should I shoot everything 60 and render at the end or try to shoot 24 and only shoot 60 on things we definitely think will only be used at slowmotion? and what about mixing the two if some clips were shot 60 expecting to go slow but end up running normally? does that work alright?

Does it matter if the end result will likely be SD dvd's not HD even though it will be edited all the way through as HD and rendered both ways for future potential of hd usage.

Robert Wheeler October 14th, 2007 07:39 AM

I did some tests recently and found 50i didn't go down too bad to 24p too bad. However, if you are slowing down I suggest extensive testing. If you are slowing 60i footage down to 24p I am guessing that if Vegas uses every frame from the original, the interlace is going to impact and create a jog from frame to frame (if it chooses each field as a frame).

I think experimentation with the interlace blending and motion blur settings may be required.

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