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February 16th: Tustin Larson of Palm Springs, California has submitted a nice little video tutorial about an undocumented feature in the GL2: the Title Mix function. It allows you to create an instant 16x9 black letterbox matte right in the camera, or insert your company logo as a small "bug" in a corner of the video image, or show a lower-third title graphic over moving video... instantly, while you shoot, no rendering or post-production required. Other less expensive consumer-grade Canon camcorders have this ability clearly documented in their feature sets; Canon seems to have left it out of the GL2, a strange oversight. Tustin has discovered a simple work-around that unlocks this very useful feature, making it available in the GL2, as it should have been in the first place. This video tutorial is currently available as a Windows Media file; a QuickTime version will be coming soon. The download size is 17 megabytes (you should save it to your drive first, then play it locally; this will allow you to keep a copy on hand for your own reference later). Enjoy! If you need to more information about anything within the tutorial, we have established this discussion thread about it on our DV Info Net Community message boards.

Earlier: Steven Trent Smith's comprehensive GL2 review added; plus the top five accessories you must have for your GL2. Stay tuned for more stuff very soon.

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An introduction to the Canon GL2; how it compares to the previous GL1, description of features.
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Detailed GL2 evaluations from a variety of viewpoints. Comparisons to other DV camcorders included.
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Will grow to include all kinds of topics ranging from workarounds, "do it yourself" projects, accessory reviews, and more.
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The GL2 in real-world settings, plus actual user-submitted frame grabs show you what the image looks like.
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Links to other GL2 and DV websites, several important sources for DV information, owners websites and much more.

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