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Douglas Everett June 9th, 2006 01:51 PM

Camera mounts/ rigging for rock band shoot
We have a multi camera shoot and the band wants some unique camera angles.

We need to pre-position some cameras on hi-hats fastened to the stage floor and up-shoot at the microphones. Also, we need to mount some cameras in the stage trusses and scaffolding. The cams on the stage and trusses will be fixed for the duration of the show. There will be many other cams on tripods and a Merlin.

QUESTION: Where do I locate a clamping system so I can mount DVX100B cameras to pipes and building structures and then position. I have seen many clamps but none that would accept a small video camera.

Thanks for the help


Tim Le June 9th, 2006 02:13 PM

I'm not a professional grip but for a small camera I would use a Magic Arm with a camera platform on one end and a Super Clamp on the other.


Try to position the Magic Arm so that it folds over itself and the camera isn't cantilevered away from where the Magic Clamp is located. If you end up with too much vibration from the trusses, you can tie the top the camera back to the truss with some grip heads and a rod. Also, always safety the camera to the truss with a steel cable as you would with light fixtures.

Douglas Everett June 10th, 2006 04:51 AM

Size is the issue.
Thanks for the reply.

The Manfrotto "Super Clamp" and "Magic Arm" solve only part of the solution. However, they are rather small. In some instances, to minimize vibration, we 'll be attaching to the building's structural members such as 3" diameter vertical pipe columns.

I have yet to find a "Universal Clamp" of this dimension that'll work with the "Magic Arm."

Douglas Everett June 10th, 2006 05:14 AM

Vise grip with chain
Would it be possible to use the Vise-Grip Locking Chain Clamp (with two studs) in conjunction with the"Magic Arm?" If so how would I connect the two items?

Tim Le June 10th, 2006 10:06 AM

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Wow, 3" is a pretty big pipe. You could use a Matthews Big Ben Clamp (http://msegrip.com/mse.php?show=prod...ducts_ID=24108) and then clamp the Super Clamp to the 1-1/8" pin. Or you could use one of the 3-series Cardellini Clamps (http://www.cardelliniclamp.com/clamps.htm). Those have a 5/8" pin on the end. The Magic Arm also has a 5/8" pin on the end. Matthews sells that Vise-Grip chain clamp with two studs so I'm assuming it would work. Just be careful about using the stud that's on the end of the handle like they say.

The trick then is how do you connect two 5/8" pins together? I guess you could use a Hollywood Head (http://www.msegrip.com/mse.php?show=...ducts_ID=25058) or a Cardellini Card-A-Link. But again, I'm not a pro grip so you might want to consult a professional rigger. And again, safety cable the camera and the rig.

Here are some photos of my magic arm with a Cardellini Mini Clamp and Matthews minigrip head. Also, the magic arm with a Card-A-Link.

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