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Philip Fass September 12th, 2008 05:25 AM

The last chapter of my story kills me....I bought two of the Rycotes, a black and a grey. So it's a windy day, and the guy I'm shooting is talking about the history of a rural area (an hour's drive away from my home), which means I let him decide what to include and where I follow him.

After shooting him next to an historic marker and near a stream, he starts taking me to where there's an old, unused dam. The area is down a steep bank that's totally overgrown with branches and weeds. I go halfway down before I tell him that while I don't mind breaking my leg, I do mind breaking my camera.

So we climb up without shooting anything (although the camera happens to be on) and walk the quarter mile to the car. Drive to the next location and I notice he's missing the fuzzy. He says he has no idea when it disappeared, but thinks a branch must have knocked it off.

So this is what kills me: I'm reviewing the footage two days later, and I see the damn black fuzzy lying by the road!

$25 bucks! I just don't think it's worth 2 hours of time and gas to try to get it, and who knows whether it's still there or what shape it's in now. I can't ask him to get it, because we're not that friendly.

Sheeeet....I could have lived with the disappearance, but seeing it practically waving at me in the video. Ugh.(At least I still have the other one.)

P.S. It did work well while it lasted.

Reid Fiester September 12th, 2008 11:37 AM

Dead Furry By the Side of the Road
Isn't there a song about that..... Them's da breaks!!!

Nick Flowers September 12th, 2008 12:11 PM

Appalling Pun Warning
I hope that there hadn't been any drug users nearby, or it could have been the Furry with the Syringe on top.

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