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Paul Anderegg October 4th, 2015 05:12 PM

Re: Anyone adopt Sennheiser AVX yet?
The receivers power BUTTON may be phantom powered, but the receiver itself is NOT phantom powered, it needs to have a battery attached to it to operate.


Rick Reineke October 5th, 2015 10:26 AM

Re: Anyone adopt Sennheiser AVX yet?
"The receivers power BUTTON may be phantom powered"
- Sorry Paul, that doesn't make much sense.

"IT'S PHANTOM POWERED (according to Senny"
- According to everything I've read as well, PP will power the receiver. A receiver certainly cannot power a microphone.. and how could it.

Paul DeBaets October 5th, 2015 12:31 PM

Re: Anyone adopt Sennheiser AVX yet?
I just received AVX combo system & I think that having the phantom power on to your XLR that has AVX receiver attached to it will act as the on/off switch to receiver. So when you power up camera the receiver
will turn on with camera & stay on till you power camera off. Saves you from pushing power button on
receiver. It will not charge or power the AVX receiver.

Rick Reineke October 5th, 2015 02:38 PM

Re: Anyone adopt Sennheiser AVX yet?
Sorry, guess I was mistaken. I checked with my acquaintance at Sennheiser USA and he stated "Phantom Power triggers the AVX EKP receiver it to turn ON.. the absence of it, triggers it OFF. The rechargeable BA 20 Accupack battery runs it for about four hours"

Anthony Lelli October 9th, 2015 11:12 PM

Re: Anyone adopt Sennheiser AVX yet?

Originally Posted by Steven Digges (Post 1895906)

When I see a news clip like that two things always surprise me. One, that professional on camera reporters do not know enough about mic usage to help you battle all of that background noise by utilizing better mic placement of the handheld. Two, that you the camera operator are not teaching your reporter to get that mic up closer to his grill to help battle the background noise?

I know they are reporters and do not want the mic in their face performer style. But he has plenty of room to help you out and still keep it out of his face. I sometimes see field reporters waving a handheld around belly style like total amateurs. Or my favorite is when they use the mic to point at something while they are talking......really??? How does that happen when two professionals should know better?

Kind Regards,


LOL true but in defense of the reporters I want to say that's not easy for them, at all. Even the experienced ones forget to point the mic to the right mount sometimes. Then they change all the time and the new generation is more concerned with stuff like "we don't have a teleprompter???" .. yeah right, now I put a TV screen on top of my camera that weights a ton because they don't want to memorize anything anymore. Beside that I have to admit that's not easy and they do have many other things to remember, and often when I'm done explain the basics and the red light of the camera goes off they immediately forget everything trying to remember what to ask to the talent.

Steven you try once, I did and it's not easy when you see that red light and the lens looking at you waiting and you must start ..talking and make sense... honestly it is not easy :)

For decades the EV RE50 (omni) has been the answer to mic placement mistakes. Today I get the best possible (between background noise isolation and a decent range in case they forget to point it to the talking mouth and person) with the handheld of the system 10.

Then from my own small experience I see that most of the time they point the mic to the talent and then they ask another question but the mic is still pointed to the talent. One way to solve this is to put a lav on them, so... problem solved. But often there is no time to wire them up so we pray for the best :)

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