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Carlos E. Martinez August 3rd, 2006 04:49 PM


Originally Posted by Martin Taidy
Carlos, I was under the impression that PSC is recommended for more sensitive mics. I guess if I'm getting Schoeps mics then the logical thing to do would be to get a Schoeps shockmount as well?

All those shockmounts that hold the mic with the rubber itself have some limitations. The rubbers have to be tight in order to secure the microphone. So the microphone can't float on the rubbers, which I think is what filters fishpole handling noises from getting to the mic.

Suspensions as the PSC are good for certain microphones with capsules that are already suspended or isolated inside the tube. That is not the case with most condenser mics.

Buying a shockmount from the same brand as your mics is a good idea, but you may look for others that are similar and might be cheaper and/or better made. If I am not wrong the Schoeps is plastic made, which I don't think is a good thing.

But look for that design type elsewhere. AKG, Beyer, or some Eastern Europe made mics. Look for metal types that will hold the Schoeps.


What do you mean by external and internal use for the Rycote? I thought if I get the combo, I can use it both for indoor and outdoor? Are there different requirements?
Yes, the requirements are different. The ideal thing would be you could use the internal setup (Schoeps shockmount, foam/silk windscreen) outside too, but wind can be a problem. So you need a different way to solve the wind noise. Rycote type blimps are usually large too, so it's difficult to use them inside, due to big shadows and low ceilings.

But Rycote now makes an X type shockmount, resembling the Schoeps, except the rubbers are a bit tight. You can tune those rubbers for the Schoeps so they isolate vibration better. In that case you might get away with the same suspension for indoors and outdoors. Indoors you just pull the blimp out and use the foams. Look for that info in Rycote's and Schoeps site.


The Sony MDR 7506 seems good enough to me and most people in this forum seem to lean on that one as well.
I use them too. But they may be a bit bass-light. You should listen to some others and see what you prefer. Headphones are very much a personal thing.

Martin Taidy August 5th, 2006 09:54 AM

Well, thanks for the input everyone. I really appreciate it. Now I'm off to get lighting equipment. I guess I'll post our finished work in the Show Your Work section, which should be in a couple months!

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