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Maximo Salaberry December 28th, 2005 12:00 AM

ECM-HGZ1 as second option mike
I have a rode video mike for my HC1 but I find the Videomike cumbersome to run around with family and children at the zoo for instance. Would the $50 SONY ECM-HGZ1 be worth considering to improve on the on-camera mike whenever I don't want to carry around the videomike?

Thank you


Stu Holmes December 28th, 2005 12:13 AM

yes, definitely.

The HGZ1 isn't in the league of the videomic as far as sound quality but it's still pretty good and better than the internal mic and should serve well as an easier-to-handle mic in those slightly rough and tumble situations.

I have more or less the same setup, Videomic and Sony HS1 (which is basically HGZ1 mic but fitted for a normal non-AIS shoe).


Andre Dunford December 28th, 2005 01:41 PM

personally... I wouldn't bother.

I have the HST1 for my HDR-HC1 and the quality of the built-in stereo mic is better (!?!).

I paid €85 for it.. about $100 US, and I'm totally disapointed with it. I mean, i didn't expect a high end mic at this price, but still... it is no improvement on the built-in mic.

In fact, the HST1 picks up much more internal noise (motor hum, etc.) than the internal mic does. Maybe this is because it is more sensitive, and thats what you are paying for... but quality is not improved in my experience.

Unless you find the internal mic really crappy, I'd just stick with it for family outings.... or bring the VideMic along in your back-pack in case you think you'd like to use it.

Hope I'm not being discouraging... I just hate to see someone blow there money and be disapointed like i was.

Maybe someone who actually has the HGZ1 will have a different opinion though.

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