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Jerry Jesion April 19th, 2007 01:25 PM

OT Audio nightmare!
Rant on/
I just finished a two camera shoot of a meeting. There was a panel of 14 speakers sitting at tables on stage! What a nightmare. And there was an audience question and answer session to boot. Sheesh! What I did was to put a wired SM58 and a wireless SM58 for the panel to pass around. I also put a parab in back of the (small) auditorium and used that with the shotgun on my camera. I used all 4 camera inputs. So far the audio seems ok, but some of the panelists did not use the mics. I was told that they would be made aware of using the mics. Of course they weren’t. I guess next time I should tell them that if they don't speak into a mic they won't be heard! On top of this there was no PA! Why do I get myself into these things?


Bill Mecca April 19th, 2007 05:15 PM

I did something similar recently, day long conference. fortuantely there was a PA, but with seats for 6 or 8 at the table, there were 3 mics. At least they passed them around a bit. their levels weren't up that high to avoid feedback (this was set up by the house, not me) I was on camera on the floor with a house feed, had a static , unmanned cam upstairs in their project booth, output to my DSR-11, with a house feed. I watched my levels but upstairs there was no one, so it was much hotter than mine, so post was a pain. Oh and did I mention 2 wireless passed around in the audience for Q&A. I wound up using the wide shot upstairs to open and close each session, and to cover camera moves on the floor.

I did learn a few things as well, and mentioned them in the post mortem. Mainly, that if they want to do this again, I need help, and the more complicated they want it to get (venues, set up etc) the less I, as a one man production unit, will be able to handle.

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