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Jon Fairhurst August 14th, 2013 05:44 PM

Bricked & Repaired
A number of days ago, we were shooting RAW with the 5D2. At the end of one shot there was an error and it locked up. After that, it wouldn't boot - even after removing the main battery and clock battery for an extended period.

Searching the web, it seems that this has happened to some number of 5D2s out there. They weren't necessarily running ML, but they locked up and wouldn't boot.

I bought my camera in 2008, so it was from an early run. I worked with Trammell Hudson on the very first alpha versions of Magic Lantern, using my camera to verify the audio features. I've taken it to a number of foreign countries, applied most every version of Canon firmware and many ML versions, and we had been shooting RAW for a few weeks, including a couple full-day shoots. The camera has been well exercised.

Anyway, the mainboard had died. Replacement through Canon service was about $670. There's no way to know if ML was a contributor or not. We will still shoot ML RAW but will plan to really fine tune our procedures so we turn it on, load ML, set up with a quick check list, shoot, shut down, and remove the battery. Bam, bam, bam. We'll avoid having the camera sit there monitoring the image in RAW mode. We really want the feature, we don't know if it contributed, and we will minimize the risk.

Anyway, Canon service was straightforward, though a bit quirky. We signed up here:
Canon U.S.A. : Consumer & Home Office

We got our number assigned, printed the mailing label, and sent the Camera by Fed Ex. A few days later, we got an e-mail asking for initial, out-of-warranty payment of about $250. Unfortunately, there's no e-mail confirmation. (Canon - this would be an improvement.) I printed the confirmation web page. I waited a few days. I then checked the status on the web. It said I hadn't paid and it was late evening, so I paid again(!) I was worried that there would be a delay. The next day, Canon called me for confirmation for the full amount. They had received the original payment, which they had rescinded. (I'll be checking my account to make sure I wasn't over-billed.) Maybe I had checked status between the rescinding and the ask for the full amount.

So, the process could have been a bit smoother, but it seems that there were no unexpected delays and in the end I'm sure that I'll pay the agreed amount.

And I'm looking forward to shooting more RAW video. It's gorgeous!

Charles W. Hull August 14th, 2013 06:54 PM

Re: Bricked & Repaired
Jon, I've been shooting a little RAW with the 5DII - and I really love it. But this has been to learn the work flow; my intent is to shortly move to RAW with my 5DIII. Have you heard of any fried 5DIII's that might be attributed to ML?

Jon Fairhurst August 14th, 2013 11:41 PM

Re: Bricked & Repaired
Haven't heard of any but I haven't been looking for that either.

On my camera, there was no event that seemed to cause it. It wasn't all that hot. We had been rolling for a minute or so when it locked up after more than a half day of shooting. (Not continuous shooting for sure. It's narrative style with setups, takes, and cuts.)

Anyway, like I mention above, we plan to really bake down the process with a checklist, leaving the camera on for the minimum possible time. That will help us avoid heat soak.

Best of luck with your RAW shooting. For our greenscreen work, the results rock!

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