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Anthony Mozora May 2nd, 2010 05:10 AM

Focus FS-5 vs Focus FS-h200 vs Sony Mrc1 for my XHA1
Hello guys,

I have desided to go tapeless with my camcorder and I dont know wich one of this items I should buy for my canon xha1.

Wich one is better for the A1 and event videography

Focus FS-5 vs Focus FS-h200 vs Sony Mrc1

thanks in advance

Jay West May 7th, 2010 11:12 AM

I haven't used the FS units, but I have been very happy using the MRC unit with my XH-A1. I have a number of Sony FP550 batteries on hand (they came with my now-retired Sony VX2000 cameras). These batteries give me more recording time than the capacity of the 32gB SanDisk Extreme III CF cards that I use. (Almost three hours per card.) The MRC mounts to the accessory shoe which is somewhat awkward for handheld shooting. I almost always shoot from a tripod, so this has not been a problem for me.

When shooting with a tape in the XH-A1, I run the MRC1k separately (no CamLink), which allows me to change tapes and keeps the recording going if I can't get over at the right moment to change the tape. For running tapeless, I go into the XH-A1 menu, select "System Setup" and turn on "DVControlON." I set the MRC CAMLink on and use the "Synchro" choice in the "Settings" menu.

Occasionally, on starting an MRC attached to the XH-A1, the MRC reports it is connected to a computer rather than a camera. When this happens, I shut the XH-A1 off then switch it back on and turn the dial to the "M" setting.

All of this is detailed in the Canon thread in the MRC subforum.

Andy Johnson March 30th, 2016 02:32 PM

Re: Focus FS-5 vs Focus FS-h200 vs Sony Mrc1 for my XHA1
Anthony, what type of device did you end up going with?

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