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Old December 26th, 2004, 03:36 AM   #1
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Almost new Xl-2 owner or ??

Hi all.

Yes, yes, you must all be bored to death with these posts, but I'm in the 'getting strangers oppinion' phase.

I dont 'need' a new cam. I work fulltime with other stuff than filming. Im part time video production student (most for fun) and have to assignments left to deliver, as well as 2 gigs (music video and promo for a company). Exept the promo, I could do fine with the GS-70 I already have :) After that, I have no idea where and if I go next with video.

So, after a year of extra effort at work, I got a nifty bonus. Combined with a few bucks in the bank, I can affoard to 'invest' in something just for me. I dont 'need it' per se, and the money could probably be better invested in paying of loans, finaly get tha plumber and electrician to fix the downstairs rooms etc. But I wont.

So, I was pretty much fixed on getting the XL-2, as I considered it for being 'the best' right now. I wont get this oportunity again, and my next cam is something I will have for many years.

But this 'little' voice tingles, telling me to get a cheaper cam (like vx2100), and spend the rest on extra stuff, perhaps a zenheiser mic and a glidecam jr. Then again, my worst fears is buying the 'cheaper' and then regret later on not throwing in the 'extra' bucks.

The future I can see is:
- Hobbyist shorts and cuts
- 'work' movies for amusements at company happenings
- school production (one short documentary and one short fictional movie)
- Some payed gigs

So is it 'insanity' to get the XL-2 over a vx2100 ? or shall I just close my eyes and order one ?

My problem is that I dont have any ways of renting one, and the stores around dont have them in so I cant realy check them both out hands on.

Is the differnece so small that it is only 'worth' it for very wealthy people or people doing this for a living, or is the top dollars payed also top smile on the face for average joe ?

Thanks for any comments, perhaps I'll join you guys in a little while :)
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Old December 26th, 2004, 05:45 AM   #2
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Anders, I say go for it. You sound like a relatively young guy. Treat yourself to many years of great videoing. Get the XL-2. Hey, remember when you were a kid and a relative gave you money as a gift? My mother (and I am sure many others) would tell me to put it in the bank for the future, or, save it for college? Well man this IS the future and experience is better than college. Three months from now you will be videoing like mad and not even remember how much it cost. Go for it. Merry Christmas. Bob
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Old December 26th, 2004, 06:13 AM   #3
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Hehe, I'm not that young anymore. Finished the univeristy 10 years ago, so video production is my seccond study in an adult age.

But lucky me Im still a child, and always will be, even with house mortages and family-obligations.

I have short desicion time, I found one place selling a few of these babies on campaign-offer, some 2-300$ off what others sell them for.
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Old December 26th, 2004, 08:59 AM   #4
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Hi Anders,

It sounds like you and I have some things in common. I have a good profession and simply consider video a serious hobby. I don't need to make money at it, yet it wouldn't be a bad thing if I get to the point where my hobby pays for itself.

I'm in the US, so 24p comments and US dollar amounts may not quite apply to you, but here are a few threads in which a group of us each summed up our opinions about the XL2 vs less expensive cameras:

Main points:
- As you know, it isn't just the camera. Regardless of which camera you get, you really need more equipment like good XLR microphones, a lighting kit, tripod, etc to make the most of your abilities. And I don't think you can avoid getting a 3x lens if you want maximum artistic freedom with the XL2. I swap between the 20x and 3x almost every time I shoot. If you spend your last dollar on the XL2 kit and can't buy anything else, I don't think you'll be doing yourself a favor.

- If you intend to shoot 4:3, cheaper cameras will do essentially as well. If you shoot 16:9 progressive, XL2 wins no contest; I routinely up-rez it to 720p and it looks beautiful. (I'm ignoring Sony's interlaced HDV for now). I used my GL2 yesterday, and it highlighted for me again how superior the XL2's widescreen is compared to the GL2's. If you're ready to pay for the best Standard Definition widescreen image, the XL2 is it. But, maybe a 720p HDV camera will be out soon that'll substantially outshine the XL2 image; we all will have to wait and see.

- Don't be pressured to buy if you're not ready. You can save the money until you are sure. If you're not sure ... well ... bargains come and bargains go all the time. Besides, $200-300 isn't that much of a concern against a total investment well over $5000 (really much more if you intend to do artistic work to allow for a couple of good XLR microphones, a lighting kit, etc if you don't already have them).

But, if you're satisfied that the XL2 is the right camera for you, take advantage of the promotional offer. Since -- unlike me -- you've actually taken videography classes, you know that regardless of which camera you use, it'll mainly be your artistic talent on display. But an XL2 wouldn't hurt your image, either!

Hmmmm! Did I just hear that little voice say, "pay off the bills now and save the payments you'll no longer be making toward the next generation of cameras! wife just walked in, read this, laughed, and said, "Anders, Anders, you silly boy. It's not a question of NEED now, is it?" Of course, I recently got the XL2 AND bought her a Canon 20D SLR, so she knows what she's talking about. Women understand these things. ;-)
Pete Bauer
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Old December 26th, 2004, 10:08 AM   #5
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Hey Pete (give my regards to Jack :)

Thanks for the reply. Dont take me wrong, Im not getting more ready than I am now. My issue is rather more 'XL-2 or a cheaper cam + more extra stuff'.

What I am afraid of is to repeat the current situation. My current cam is a GS-70, once in the 'upper lower class'. Now I have shelved out almost twice the camera cost in inteligent shoe mic, wide angle lences, filters, bateries, monopod, tripod etc, all to be soon the 'backup cam for stunt-filming'

Now. I will be able to save up for a 500$ mic here and a tripod there. But I dont have those funds right now. My 'worst' fear is getting the cheaper model and extra stuff, then regret it in a few months. It is not revercible. By having the money in the bank it is too easy to just 'take a bit here and a bit there', and wosh. 5000 is not much once you first got them.

Im pretty much fixed on getting the XL-2. I think the only thing stopping me from it is if someone says 'its not worth it, the extra functionality you get are hardly visible for that 50% extra cost'.

I'll have to read up more on those links you provided. Thanks.
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