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ellett62 March 9th, 2002 01:32 AM

Boomed Mics: Sennheiser VS Audio-Technica
Hi everyone

I want to buy some good quality shotgun mics for use on a boom pole with my Canon XL-1. It seems the best quality out there is Sennheiser, but at over $400 per mic, I was wondering if there is a cheaper alternative (like A-T) with comparable quality.


Chris Hurd March 9th, 2002 08:56 AM

Hi Phillip,

In my opinion, and this is based on real-world experience, there really is no such thing as "cheaper but comparable quality." In this business you really get what you pay for, and actually $400 for a Sennheiser mic isn't bad. You'll probably be okay with Audio-Technica as well but just remember there is a world of difference between a $100 mic and a $600 mic. And then there's a world of difference between a $600 mic and a $3000 mic. And yes you can pay thousands of dollars on a single mic if you want.

"You traded the Cadillac... for a microphone? Okay, I can see that." Jake (John Belushi) to Elwood (Dan Akroyd) in The Blues Brothers, a John Landis film.

ellett62 March 9th, 2002 09:37 AM

Thanks for the great replies, Chris. My current audio buying plans are as listed. Do you see any weaknesses or omissions as to mic accessories?

Sennheiser ME67K6 shotgun mic
Gitzo Boom pole
Audio-Technica Universal Shock Mount
some sort of windscreen (suggested brand?)

Anything else? Thanks again for the great advice.

Chris Hurd March 9th, 2002 10:36 AM

I would suggest looking into LightWave Systems for the shock mount and wind screen. www.lightwavesystems.com -- the best to be found, and affordable too.

Adam Wakely March 10th, 2002 02:33 AM

I agree with Chris! Lightwave is the way to go! You can bang around the boom and it's pretty quiet with any mic! I use a Microtech vocal mic (used for music recordings) and it sounds great in the Lightwave holders. If you just breath on this mic it will rumble! Lightwave wind screen eliminates this! Plus the system works right on the XL1. Order all 3 parts from Lightwave! Worth every dollar!

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