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Bryan Gateb August 30th, 2003 07:31 PM

MA-series Microphone adapters
do the XLR inputs supply phantom power or is an external power supply needed?

Nathan Gifford August 30th, 2003 08:28 PM

If you are monitoring on the camera make sure the audio monitor is to either mix or ST-2.

Your NLE may not support 4-track audio. Try getting a copy of Scenalyzer. Its cheap and comes highly rated.

Gareth Trezise August 31st, 2003 06:05 AM

Hi There,

I have been playing it back on NLE using Premiere 6 with DV Storm.

I've just played part of the tape back through the XL1 and listening through the headphones it is recording from both mics.

Does this mean Premiere 6 with DV Storm doesn't support 4 channel?



Jeff Donald August 31st, 2003 06:31 AM

No phantom power is supplied by the Canon MA-100 or MA-200.

Gareth Trezise August 31st, 2003 06:57 AM


Have just read another thread in the post production forum by Ross Watson which has nailed the problem.

With premiere I need to make sure settings capture the 3rd & 4th channel and drag both the avi file and separate audio file for channel 3 & 4.

Thanks Don & Nathan. Both your comments about 4 channel audio capture and reading the other post has sorted it.

I thought I wasn't to far from the solution because I was sure I had set the equipment up right, which I had.

Thanks again.


Nathan Gifford August 31st, 2003 09:44 AM

4-channel audio is a really neat feature on the XL-1, but it can really cause you some grief your first few times you use it.

Bryan Gateb September 1st, 2003 04:19 AM

weak :(

thanks for the answer though -- looks like i wont be able to use any of my condensor mics unless i buy and external power supply :P

Bill Edmunds September 5th, 2003 04:57 PM

MA-200 questions
I have a few questions about the MA-200 if anyone can answer them...

1) How do you adjust the audio levels for the 4 different channels? I don't see 4 audio controls on the XL1S.

2) DV magazine said the MA-200 feels "loose" and the sound of it jerking around can be picked up by the on-camera microphone. True?

3) Does the MA-200 help balance the front heavy XL1S?


Jeff Donald September 5th, 2003 05:25 PM

The MA-200 gives my camera a much better front, back balance. I've never picked up any noise from my MA-200.

If you set the record level to auto, the levels are all adjusted automatically. The manual level adjustment is covered in the manual. The levels are adjusted in pairs. Stereo 1 is adjusted the same as 2 channel. Stereo 2 needs the REC LEVEL switch of the Audio 2 controls set to M. Turn L and R dials to adjust the respective channels of the Audio 2 RCA inputs.

Trent Robinson December 18th, 2003 08:23 AM

MA-200 part missing...HELP!
I recently bought a used MA-200 off of ebay.
While it is in excellent condition, the wireless microphone bracket that mounts to the back of the MA-200 was not included.
Does anyone know if this bracket can be bought separately? I have not been able to find it listed as a separate part at Canon.


Don Palomaki December 19th, 2003 05:14 AM

Try telephone Canon and ask (1-800-OK-CANON, navigate to parts & service).

Joshua Cohen February 4th, 2004 08:50 PM

attaching sennheiser evo 100 to MA200
Ok, dumb question, I'll admit it, but I'll ask it anyways.

Just picked up the sennheiser evo 100, with the camera pack. I own the MA200 as well.

Now, how the hell does the receiver plug-in, or "hold on" to the MA200.

Ok, get your laughter out.

Thank you.

Ed Frazier February 5th, 2004 05:38 AM

Hi Joshua,

I attach mine two different ways, depending on whether I'm using any additional accessories or not.

If the accessory plate is not installed on the MA200, simply slide the rails on the MA200 out to the first stop and with the belt clip attached to your receiver, clip it over the horizontal piece that connects the two rails together. By moving the rail to the first stop the receiver clears the XLR connectors on the MA200. Fits perfectly and looks like it belongs there.

If I have other accessories attached to the MA200 such as CH910 or on-camera light battery, I remove the belt clip and velcro the receiver to the battery holder or accessory plate.

Just a couple of ideas that might get you started.

Edward Troxel February 27th, 2004 02:52 PM

Broken Tab on MA-200
Anyone have the little "tab" on an MA200 that slides into the notch on the back of the XL-1 break off? Find any good ways to fix it? I'm assuming it's dangerous to just let the screw hold it on without the extra support from the tab (especially if it holds the wireless receiver). Hate to spend an extra $200 to replace the whole thing over a small broken piece of plastic.

Jeff Donald February 27th, 2004 03:01 PM

I don't think the plastic tab really supports much weight, but is meant to keep the screw from loosening by not allowing the MA-200 to rotate. I would clean up the break and glue (styrene cement or epoxy) a new piece of plastic in place.

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