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Douglas Turner May 8th, 2007 03:54 PM

No-one drinks Fosters down here! Grab a VB instead.

Just tried my workflow on a tiny project.

PPRO CS3 project, Cineform 1440x1080 50i settings, imported 3 small CFHD interlaced avi's (reside in ProjectClips folder), added to timeline, saved project, exit.

Open up TMPEnc Xpress, Add clip, add Filter, Deinterlace (Deinterlace Always, Interpolate - animation2), chose Cineform codec, browse to new output folder, keep the same filename. Then add to encode queue - do this 3 times, once for each clip.

Encode. Then rename the original folder with interlaced clips to ProjectClips_Old and rename the new folder with the progressive clips to ProjectClips.

Re-open PPRO, et voila, the new progressive clips are used automatically - all effects controls etc should be still fine, as the clip length etc is unchanged.

If you're using Cineform, always make sure your Playback Settings are set to NOT De-interlace video shile scrubbing! Otherwise, you won't see the benefit, other than when you export.

I'm now happy with this workflow and will use it for the feature (so, I'll be removing the Boris Deinterlace fx from each clip and leaving the DI process as a post-edit process). I'll have to save a trimmed project before doing this though, as I have almost 1TB of footage - most obviously not used in the 85 min film... so I'll just be DI'ing the clips used.

-PS: Conforming Audio runs again for the new clips, so PPRO is obviously smart enough to know something's changed.

Anmol Mishra April 27th, 2008 08:28 PM

Fieldskit or/and Twixtor vs Magic Bullet Frames
Has anyone compare the new MB 2007 with Fieldskit ? I saw a review of Fieldskit in this thread - but it is possible it used the default settings. The motion compensation settings need to be used for Fieldskit for any meaningful comparison;..
I think Fieldskit was marginally better than the old MB..
Just wondering if anyone has an opinion about the new version..

Douglas Turner April 27th, 2008 10:35 PM

I'll not have time to more tests until I finish grading and start testing the rendering workflow.

But the tests I've done recently have given some very good results de-interlacing using TMPGEnc when I transcode my Cineform HD 1080i avi into PAL SD DVD.

I've bought the new MB Frames, so will probably use this anyway - but I'll test that soon and report back.

I'm sure both MB Frames and Fieldskit have trial versions, so if you're desp for a comparison, then there's nothing stopping you doing it.

Anmol Mishra April 28th, 2008 12:07 AM

Problems with a comparison is that there are usually clips in which one outshines the other. I am not exactly sure what to look for - so I was searching for the opinions of people who are "experts"..
At least more than I am..
I guess I will end up buying both MB and Twixtor.
Twixtor gives great slowmo effects and MB has the deartifactor, 24P and color grading elements..

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