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Chris Atebr May 2nd, 2009 12:33 PM

Formatting Kingston Cards
Just got some Kingston 32gb S2 cards to try. One managed to format OK The other caused the XDR to read Wrcache:2000 and needed to be powered down to reset.
Anyone else had this problem?

Dan Keaton May 2nd, 2009 03:54 PM

Dear Chris,

In reference to Kingston cards which gives the "WrCache2000" error: we have found that Kingston has a batch of defective cards that give this error message.

The defective cards will work on a PC or usually work with still cameras, however if you insert the card to a Mac and try copying any big file (1 to 2 Gbyte) onto the card as a test, the Mac will choke and will give up at some point.

We've given more info in our manual on these:


Wrcache2000 (this message can appear with new CF cards upon card insertion to the Flash XDR, and typically indicates a defective CF card.

You may, as an additional test, try copying any large file (larger than 1 Gbyte) onto such a card from a Mac, via a CompactFlash card reader with the card inserted.

If the copy fails, the card is defective and a replacement card will be needed from the manufacturer/ reseller. Also, if you get our Wrcache2000 error, this indicates that the card is defective and does not pass our tests.

Please note that some brand new Kingston 32 Gbyte 133x CF cards have been found to be defective, with a lot number on back of card, 9904246-022.A00LF.

These cards should be replaced. In the US, Kingston can be contacted directly for a replacement, 800-337-3719.

When replacing, request a different lot number, 9904203-031.A00LF. Kingston CF cards with this lot number are perfectly functional with the Flash XDR.

Please note that we test all cards when they are inserted in the Flash XDR to ensure that we do not have an unusable card that would interfere with the recording of your video files.

Our testing procedures detect these bad cards and issue the error message.

Kingston has been very good about replacing these cards.

We continue to recommend that everyone, when first receiving new cards, format the cards in the Flash XDR so that any defective cards can be found as soon as possible.

There is no way, by looking at the package, without opening the package, to determine if the card is from a bad batch.

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