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Kajito Nagib December 7th, 2014 07:33 PM

All Ebay Listings 2015
I'm finally selling my FS700. For detailed info about the camera have a look at my ebay listing.
BTW can anyone explain how to remove my FS700 post under "private classified" section?

Kajito Nagib December 7th, 2014 07:34 PM

re: All Ebay Listings 2015
Selling it for $4,799.00 free ground shipping within the US.

Kajito Nagib December 9th, 2014 11:58 AM

re: All Ebay Listings 2015
I just added a brand new camRade wetSuit Rain Cover for FS700 to the package which I found sitting in my closet never got around to using it.

Lon Breedlove January 14th, 2015 10:25 AM

Sony FS700RH on ebay
Here's my listing (based in Austin, TX): Sony NEX FS700RH Camcorder Black | eBay

Lon Breedlove January 15th, 2015 10:31 AM

Re: Sony FS700RH on ebay
I had to relist the auction thanks to a fraudulent buyer! Here's the updated link:

Sony NEX FS700RH Camcorder Black | eBay

Jordan Meserole January 19th, 2015 03:01 PM

Sony HDR - FX7 1080i HD Camera w/extras!
Selling my Sony HDR - FX7 camera. Original owner, and only used for weddings. Total shoot time of less than 100 hours. Camera is fully functional and still works perfectly!

Also comes with extras:

-Sony FX7 3CMOS HDV 1080i Camcorder
-C-L15A AC Adapter
-Lens Hood
-Composite A/V Cable
-Bescor LED-70 dimmable top light
-4 coldshoe extender
-Sony NP-F570 lithium battery
-Sony NP-F590 lithium battery
-Sony DVM-63HD tapes 50 total
-Petrol carrying bag

Total package price if all listed above bought new would be around $3000! Asking around $1000.


Kajito Nagib January 19th, 2015 07:27 PM

re: All Ebay Listings 2015
Sony fs700 sold!

Kajito Nagib January 19th, 2015 07:36 PM

Brand new Tiffens 4X4 (three filters) Ultra Pol circular, Clr/ND.6 and ND1.2
I'm selling 3 brand new filters with pouch (I paid $674.31 with tax) you get a great deal by buying all three plus I will also include a free brand new Schneider 4 x 4" four Slot Filter Pouch. I'm selling the it for $379.00 with free shipping. I bought these filters 2 years ago and never got around to using. After selling my Mattbox I no longer have a need for them.Here's the link.
Tiffens 4x4 Three Filters Ultra Pol Circular CLR ND 6 and ND1 2 | eBay
If you have any question let me know.

Kajito Nagib January 19th, 2015 09:14 PM

Re: Brand new Tiffens 4X4 (three filters) Ultra Pol circular, Clr/ND.6 and ND1.2
I paid at B&H a little more but here's the breakdown.

1.Tiffen # W44UCP ($227.50)
2.Tiffen #44CGN65 ( $184.90)
3.Tiffen #44ND12 ( $172.95)

Brian Rhodes January 22nd, 2015 08:10 AM

Libec ZC 9EX SONY PMW EX series cameras zoom control lanc controller New
3 Attachment(s)
Libec ZC 9EX SONY PMW EX series cameras zoom control lanc controller New

Libec ZC 9EX SONY PMW EX series cameras zoom control | eBay

Matt Bigwood January 26th, 2015 10:54 AM

Sony S270e and accessories
Sony HVR-S270E camera, MRC1, Porta Brace, 3x batteries, ENG lens 4905524485103 | eBay

Jeff Zimmerman February 6th, 2015 02:18 PM

Sony NEX-FS700U 4K Upgrade Camtree Shoulder Rig 25x10 Operation Hrs
1 Attachment(s)
eBay Description:

Sony NEX-FS700U Body with 4K Upgrade. This upgrade was recently done by Sony in LA. The camera works flawless and has 25x10 hours. I would rate the condition an 8+. Always cared for and placed in case when not in use. Lens attached is for illustration purposes. Camtree Rig is included as well as the Fotasy Follow Focus.

What you get:

Sony NEX-FS700U with 4K Upgraded Body
Sony Charger and Sony camera power-supply (Not Pictured)
2x Sony NP-F970 Batteries (Not Pictured)
Original Box, Cables, CD and Manual (Not Pictured)
Yongnuo Smart Adapter EF-E-mount
Sony Directional Microphone
Original Top handle and Microphone mount (Not Pictured)
Sony LCD Loupe
Camtree FS700 Kit
Forays Follow Focus Kit

The included Camtree FS700 Kit adds more mobility and the ability to accept accessories to the FS700.

Only selling because I'm shooting more long form events and need an ENG style camera.

The NEX-FS700U was Originally purchased from B&H.

Thanks and feel free to ask any questions.

When calculating Shipping please include insured value of the purchase price. Will NOT ship without insurance. Thanks and Happy Bidding

Sony NEX FS700U 4K Upgrade Camtree Shoulder Rig 25x10 Operation Hrs | eBay

Jonathan Perry February 7th, 2015 08:50 AM

Re: Sony NEX-FS700U 4K Upgrade Camtree Shoulder Rig 25x10 Operation Hrs
I can't believe nobody has snatched this up yet. If I had the money or the need for a camera I wouldn't even think twice.

Matt Gottshalk February 19th, 2015 05:28 PM

Pix 240 with caddies and ssds
Sound Devices PIX 240 Portable Video Recorder and Monitor SSD | eBay

Terry Lee March 3rd, 2015 01:52 PM

reflectmedia litering
Hello! - Selling my litering. No curtain though.

Litering Reflectmedia Chroma Key Green Blue Screen | eBay

Peter Richardson March 3rd, 2015 06:34 PM

Sony DVF-L700 7" Full HD LCD Monitor
Hi all,

I'm selling this monitor as I recently sold my F55 package.

The monitor is in excellent, like new condition. One owner, never sub rented. Absolutely spectacular image quality.

Ebay Listing:
Sony DVF L700 7" Full HD LCD Monitor Excellent Condition | eBay

Product highlights:

-Native 1920x1080 Resolution
-Compatible with Sony F55 and F5 Cameras via Sony monitor connector
-Compatible with all other cameras via SDI cable
-Supports 4k and 2k signals


-Sony Viewfinder Cable
-Hoodman Shade
-Lemo power cable

Peter Richardson March 3rd, 2015 06:36 PM

Sony VCT-FSA5 Shoulder Mount for F5/F55
Hi all,

Also selling this shoulder mount as I've sold my F55 package:

Sony VCT FSA5 Shoulder Mount for F5 F55 | eBay

Excellent Condition. Minor cosmetic wear but works perfectly. One owner, never rented.

Product Highlights:

-Enables hand held shooting
-Low Center of Gravity
-Sliding Balance Adjustment
-Stainless Steel 15mm support rods
-1/4"-20 Camera Tie Down Screws
-Intergrated foam shoulder pad
-Arri Compatible Mounting Rosettes
-Mounts to VCT-14 GR Plate (not included)


-VCT FS-A5 Shoulder Mount
-15mm stainless rods (not pictured)

Peter Richardson March 3rd, 2015 07:00 PM

Panasonic AG-MSU10 P2 Storage Unit w/ 500GB HDD
Hi all,

Selling my lightly used MSU10. When I was using P2 gear this was a life-saver in the field. It's been well-maintained, never rented out, and is in excellent condition.

Panasonic AG MSU10 P2 Media Storage Unit with 500GB HDD Excellent Condition | eBay

It allows you to download P2 cards to the internal drive (which can then be connected on its own to your computer) or, my favorite feature, directly to a HDD which allows downloads in the field with no laptop. Very fast and reliable, with data verification features.

-Drive Sled with 500GB HDD
-AC Adapter plus cable
-Battery Charger plus cable
-1 battery

Product Highlights:
-P2 Memory Backup
-Connects Easily to NLE's
-Copy directly to external hard drive - no computer needed!
-One-button copying
-USB 2.0 and eSata Interfaces
-Removable 2.5" Drive tray with 500GB Drive
-4x Real-time transfer speed
-Host/Device Functions
-AC/DC or Battery

Peter Richardson March 3rd, 2015 07:04 PM

Panasonic AJ-PCD20 P2 Drive, 5-Slot Capable
Hi all,

This drive is in good/very good condition. Shows some signs of wear but is fully functional. I was the only owner and never rented it out.

Panasonic AJ PCD20 P2 Drive 5 Slot Capability Firewire and USB Compatible | eBay

-AJ-PCD20 P2 Drive
-AC Adapter and power cable

The Panasonic AJ-PCD20 is a P2 drive which acts as a conduit between P2 cards and a computer. Specifically for use with non-linear editing systems, this drive can ingest up to 5 P2 cards at one time over FireWire or USB 2.0. When connected to either a MAC or PC the P2 cards will appear as one drive, making it extremely easy to browse through video footage. This direct-to-edit (DTE) approach saves time and money while eliminating cumbersome tape-based acquisition that can often lead to dropouts and time code errors.

Peter Richardson March 3rd, 2015 07:31 PM

OConnor O-Grips Single Jointed Set
Hi all,

These are in excellent condition, lightly used - just a few cosmetic nicks and scratches. I used them with a C300 but they fit a variety of rods and cameras. Super strong and easily adjustable. I have a second set so am selling these.

Oconnor O Grips Single Jointed Set | eBay



Peter Richardson March 3rd, 2015 07:49 PM

Century Optics DV Mattebox and Schneider 4x4 Filters
Hi all,

I originally used this setup with a Panasonic HVX200 and HPX170, but it may be compatible with other cameras. It's a nice, lightweight matte box, with a flip out shoulder brace and one rotating filter tray.

Filters are clear and in good condition.

Century Optics Camcorder Matte Box with 15mm Rods and Schneider 4x4 Filters | eBay

Mattebox is in very good condition, with some scratches and warping on french flag.

Mattebox Features:
-Two 4x4 filter trays - one rotating
-Fold-Out shoulder support
-Adjustable french flag

Schneider Filters:
-1 Schneider Clear 4x4 Filter
-1 Schneider Polarizing 4x4 Filter

Bernardo Gutierrez March 25th, 2015 07:41 PM

Besteady One brushless gimbal
6 Attachment(s)
Besteady One

$1,990 USD O.B.O.


I found myself needing a gimbal to support larger cameras, so Im selling my used Besteady One that Ive been using with my Panasonic GH3. I purchased it via Quickstarter on 2013 without the factory handles, so I customized my own using express35 parts

What I liked the most about it:

It takes cameras up to 4.4lb (2kg).
The balancing is tool-less since it uses thumbscrews
It has up to 3 profiles that you can switch in between just by clicking on the control button.
The footage is very smooth and I only had issues when I didnt balance the camera properly.
It is very lightweight compared to the rest in this range, around 9lbs.
I was able to change the zoom of the lens without rebalancing to tilt axis. I used the Panasonic 14-140 lens which extends as it zooms. I balanced it for a 35mm focal range and I was able to work on the 14-50mm range without a problem.
Battery life. I was able to shoot a 12 hour wedding with just 2 batteries making sure I didnt have it on when it wasnt needed, but with the 4 batteries Im including you could work on long shoot or an entire wedding without a problem.
If you need a more free access to the top part of the camera, you can take the top part of the cage off.
No need to do any programming, just tweak settings in the desktop manager application.

The foam of the base where you seat the camera on is damaged, so I just added a piece of plastic to make sure it doesnt twists on me.

Im including the following:

1. Besteady One
2. Cinestar adapter (for drone use)
3. Express35 Rig (the besteady is attached to this via 4 thumbscrews)
4. 4 batteries. I purchased 2 extra batteries myself, the black ones
5. 2 chargers. I purchased 1 extra charger.
6. Silk mini-quick release adapter. I do have the quick release plate, I just forgot to take it out for the pictures.
7. Xit XTHC40 Medium Hard Case. Forgot to take a picture of the actual case but Im adding a stock one.

I spent $220USD on the 2 extra batteries and charger.

You can download the manual from http://www.acr-sys.com/download/BeSt...v1_0_hires.pdf

Here are some specs:
Mainboard 8-bit custom SimpleBGC / AlexMos
Sensor units 1 Inertial Measurement Unit: 3-axial gyro & 3-axial accelerometer on camera shelf
Number of profiles stored on board 3 profiles
Camera cage Two simple aluminium cheeseplates
Balancing Completly tool-less balancing
Camera weight range From 0,5 kg to 2,0 kg (from 1.1 lb to 4.409 lb)
Camera cage sensor enclosure Two piece aluminium box
Weight Basic option without Antivib: 1,07 kg (2.359 lb)
Main power cable Bare wires, JST connector
Rear arm electronics housing cover with LEDs Transparent plexiglass
USB connector on mainboard Revision 1: solder in two points, revision 2: solder in two points plus two positioning towers
Manager App From 1.0 to 1.3.3, 2.0+ after firmware upgrade
Classic Stabilisation mode Available, old version of strict stabilisation
Xtended Stabilisation mode Available, new version giving wider operational range
Follow mode Available, selectable for Pan, Tilt and Roll
Special connectors (combs) One 6-pin comb for RCU or Thumbstick

Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

The gimbal is in fully working conditions. Returns are accepted only if theres something wrong with it and its not stated in this post.

Tags: Ronin movi defy helix letus came freefly eagle Steadicam tiffen merlin blackbird flycam glidecam

Ray Lee March 27th, 2015 09:07 AM

fs100 kit EVF, screen, Zacuto base ends today
Sony NEX FS100 Camcorder Large Kit Case 7 inch Screen and EVF Anton Gold Mount | eBay

Everything you need but a lens for all day shoots... external EVF and mount plus Anton battery for shoulder mounting..... matte box, 7 inch LCD for tripod .... and wireless audio kit and handles for both.

Sony FS100 camera body with 10x10 hours
Berkey Systems top plate
Berkey Systems handle
Anton Bauer gold mount battery plate and FS100 cable
Anton Bauer gold mount battery by Switronix
original fs100 grip
7 inch Lilliput HDMI field monitor (takes Sony batteries)
External EVF HDMI screen and eye piece (takes Sony batteries)
original LCD eye tube
ultra thin flex HDMI cable
EVF mount
FMU 128 SSD memory pack
wireless lavaliere packs (full kit with lav and reg mic+cables for fs100
Genus Fader ND 77mm
2 mic holders
Zacuto Grip relocater
Zacuto baseplate
Carbon Fiber 15mm rods
original sony handle
matte box french flag, side flags, and lens donut by Kamerar
Glass ND filters for matte box .09ND and 1.5ND
converter to use Nikon F lenses
remote control for fs100 and various wires and cables
15mm rail block
Giottos plate
brand new Pelican 1510 with foam (new un cut)

Zach Love March 27th, 2015 01:15 PM

Switronix Shoulder Mount w/ quick release & handles
Opening bid $50 ($248 new)

Switronix "HDV Pro" DSLR Shoulder Rig Mount with Quick Release | eBay

Bernardo Gutierrez March 30th, 2015 04:09 PM

Re: Besteady One brushless gimbal
New price: $1,640

Bernardo Gutierrez April 4th, 2015 12:44 AM

Re: Besteady One brushless gimbal
SOLD! Thanks for looking

Robert Bale April 22nd, 2015 09:38 PM

For Sale Sony PXW-X160
Hi Hope its ok to post here Sony XD CAM PXW X160 | eBay

I have decided that I am going to stick with my EX3 and X200, due to Battery setup and Bolt, it just not suited to the X160.

So if and Australian shoppers are interested, I will consider offers also.


Rob Hargreaves April 23rd, 2015 02:53 AM

Re: For Sale Sony PXW-X160
Robert, as a matter of interest on a separate point, have you managed to update your X200 to firmware 1.20?
My two X200's won't find/see the update...

Robert Bale April 23rd, 2015 06:14 AM

Re: For Sale Sony PXW-X160
Hi, no I haven't had a go at the FireWire, I seem to wait till I really need to upgrade. In my current work flow its fine at the moment.

Phil Hover April 23rd, 2015 05:48 PM

SmallHD DP4 EVF Super Bundle
Smallhd DP4 EVF Super Bundle | eBay

Robert Bale April 25th, 2015 04:08 AM

Re: For Sale Sony PXW-X160

Originally Posted by Robert Bale (Post 1884244)
Hi Hope its ok to post here Sony XD CAM PXW X160 | eBay

I have decided that I am going to stick with my EX3 and X200, due to Battery setup and Bolt, it just not suited to the X160.

So if and Australian shoppers are interested, I will consider offers also.


International shipping now offered. Aprox $3600.00 US Dollars Its a good deal.

Dustin Moore April 28th, 2015 07:49 PM

Century 0.45x wide for PMW-EX1, EX1R, EX3
Century for 0HD-FESU-EX1 for PMW-EX1/EX3, good condition. $109.

See the BIN on eBay at Schneider 0 45X Wide Lens for PMW EX1 EX1R EX3 | eBay

Mark Morreau May 7th, 2015 06:19 AM

Re: Century 0.45x wide for PMW-EX1, EX1R, EX3
Dustin, would you consider sending this to the UK? eBay won't let me contact you for some unknown reason, so am asking you here!

Kevin Martorana May 7th, 2015 07:11 PM

Pix 240 Lots of Extras
Sound Devices PIX 240 | eBay

Lots of extras $1600

Paypal only CONUS sales only

Kevin Martorana May 18th, 2015 07:19 PM

Re: Pix 240 Lots of Extras
Sold thank you

Derek Neustaeter May 22nd, 2015 09:08 AM

Panasonic TM900 Camcorder
I have listed one of my small backup cams on eBay as I haven't been using it. Have a look at the action using the link below!

Panasonic HDC TM900 3mos 3D Compatible HD Camcorder With 32GB Internal Memory 885170040038 | eBay

Ryan Douthit May 22nd, 2015 05:59 PM

Tamron 2.8 Lenses for A-Mount
Selling my set of Tamron SP lenses. These have been fantastic, but I don't need them anymore. (Moved to Nikon 2.8s.) Works like a native lens on Sony E-Mount if you use the LEA4 adaptor. Or, use them straight on an A99/A77, etc.

Tamron SP 24-70 Di F/2.8 for Sony A-Mount
Tamron SP 24 70 F 2 8 USD Di for Sony A Mount No Reserve | eBay

Tamron SP 70-200 Di F/2.8 for Sony A-Mount
Tamron SP 70 200 F 2 8 USD Di for Sony A Mount No Reserve | eBay

Tim Davison June 9th, 2015 08:39 AM

Zacuto CRoss Fire
In excellent condition:

Zacuto Cross Fire | eBay

Tim Davison June 10th, 2015 03:13 AM

Small-HD DP1x Monitor with flightcase
Any questions, please just ask :)


John Threat June 10th, 2015 08:13 AM

SmallHD DP7 Paralinx Arrow Wireless X-Port Dock

Hey Guys - here is a link to a ebay Buy not (OBO) $225 Brand new unsed Paralix Arrow Wireless X-port Dock

Compatible with SmallHD DP7 High Bright Or OLED.

original price $299 - i made an error and bought it not realizing i only had the smallhd dp7pro not the highbright or OLD
my loss if your gain!

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