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Mike Hanlon October 26th, 2014 04:09 PM

FCP7 and 4k digital zoom -> DVD delivery
I have a different take on the 4k and FCP7 capability question, one I don't see discussed anywhere.

I am considering the use of a 4k camera to capture a stage play or dance recital in an unmanned wide view, then use this massive resolution to "digitally" zoom into the frame to where the action is. With eventual delivery via standard def DVD, I figure I have a great deal of zooming capability and can get quite "close".

I have done a similar thing with HD for years, taking advantage of the added resolution to reframe shots from my primary and secondary cameras in post. I use a SD timeline and drop HD media in it, scaling and repositioning as needed. Its works well, but I do see some degradation as I approach 100% scaling.

1) Can I capture and edit 4k media in FCP7 in a way that maintains the full resolution and allows the workflow described above?

2) I have a concern that digitally zooming to a SD sized frame within the 4k image will not provide the same optical result that a SD camera would. Would it look strange/bad? If merely different, different how?

This would mostly be an insurance policy to cover a case where my primary shooters might miss a shot with the two main cameras, but it would still need to look good.


Daniel Epstein October 27th, 2014 09:24 AM

Re: FCP7 and 4k digital zoom -> DVD delivery
Your machine might be able to handle some 4K files in FCP 7 editing at 1080 but might not. Not all 4k recordings are done the same way so converting the footage to work in FCP may be an issue for you to consider. You would be better upgrading if this is going to be a common workflow for you.
As far as the look of the material you will have to judge how your footage looks in SD. Exposure, depth of field and focus make a big difference how things looks. You will not have the same optical characteristics by scaling the image as you would say using a longer lens to get the closeups. This may not bother you but might.
Overall it seems like a bit of a stretch but I am sure sometimes it will be okay and others not so good.

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