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Charles Papert June 3rd, 2009 06:05 PM

Macbook Pro HD-SDI output options--please weigh in

I will be hosting an event that requires output from a Macbook Pro. The clips will be played out of FCP from a ProRes timeline. Output must be HD-SDI.

Output quality must be pristine--no tearing, compression-y stuff or other anomalies. It needs to look as good as an HD tape playback on a broadcast monitor as this material is being used for evaluative purposes.

What are my options for an output interface that are available now (event is on June 14th)? Also, would I be able to use my "beater" laptop, a 1 GHZ aluminum Powerbook for this (laptop will be somewhat vulnerable to the elements during the event), would it have the firepower to run HD without hiccups?

Also, might there be an easier interface to run these clips during the event than FCP? We would need to switch between perhaps 5 clips and have them loop continuously until they are changed. I'd love to set up something where the function keys (for instance) could be assigned to each clip, with the looping function automatic. I'm not a scripter so it would have to be easy-squeezy.

I thank you for your input!

James Brill June 4th, 2009 05:23 PM

For the output from the laptop you could go AJA IO that you can rent around LA for 100 bucks a day or so. You could also buy the Matrox MXO 2 that has a PCI express card for the Mac pro slot but you will be hard pressed to find it as a rental.

For the live playback you talked about there should be some form of live switcher that will play back quicktimes and uses a simple GUI. I know the Ocean Film Festival in Santa Barbara used one and I'm assuming Pro Res could be easily played back on one of those computers.

For the 1GHz laptop playing back Pro Res... Nope.

Charles Papert June 6th, 2009 07:31 AM

Thank you James. I did find a Matrox locally, but ultimately got hooked up with a hardware solution (Omega HD from Fast Forward Video) that should be a lot easier to work on the day. I appreciate your response!

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