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Michael Best June 13th, 2006 08:55 PM

HD100 Matte box
Little lost, Getting the M2 HD bundle, if I can interchange lenses what Matte box should I be after? What options/limitations should I be aware of?

This forum has sooo much to do with my purchases that I'm thinking it's due production credits, we should all reference this site in our credits from some angle - It'll bring even more talent and experience - priceless..

Jonathan Ames June 13th, 2006 09:16 PM

Your best shot at answering this question is Taylor Wigton. Contact him at taylor@447productions.com and tell him Jonathan said to bug him. The company has excellent info but Taylor's a third-party who works with them and therefore can be thought of as unbiased. IMHO, the whole group is great working to produce a much needed piece of equipment.

Michael Best June 14th, 2006 08:53 PM

Jon, got a delivery notification failure message with the email I sent to him..?

Tim Dashwood June 14th, 2006 09:33 PM


Originally Posted by Michael Best
Jon, got a delivery notification failure message with the email I sent to him..?

Same has been happening to me with your email Jonathan. I sent you two emails in the past 10 days, both were returned. It's too bad because I invited you to visit me on set in Toronto tomorrow!

Jonathan Ames June 14th, 2006 11:10 PM

Bad e-Mail
I'm sorry guys. My government e-mail turned restricted to limit communcations to inter-governmental e-mail so I have to use the company e-mail and didn't notify the board. It's jlames@bluelinecinema.tv. I really apologize because I love hearing from you all. Please resend and as to your invite up to Toronto, I'm up there on an anti-terrorism seminar in July. I don't know which dates but you bet, Tim; I'd love to meet up. I'll be staying at the Sutton Place and there's a restaurant right across the street that I'll take you to dinner at. Rodney and I ate there a couple weeks ago and it was fantastic. And the AT Director for Toronto PD is a friend who offered a ride in the Toronto PD helicopter over the city. Youre invited to ride along with us on that as well.

Please re-email me and give me some dates and I'll be there.

Jonathan Ames June 14th, 2006 11:28 PM

As to the Redrock, Taylor continues to work his magic. I was at EVS when he and Randy were showing some footage they shot over the weekend in Pasadena with the M2 ans whatever he's doing to the Redrock, one word, in-freakin'-credible...OK a tri-contraction!!! but the kid is good. The Chrosziel is well worth it's weight because its construction insures no light-leak. I put it up against the Petroff and both are excelent byt the Chrosziel still wins out. I hate spending 4 figures for a piece of aluminum and plastic but i'll tell you, it's money well-spent. But apnd the money ad get the one with the rod support. The most important factor is the fact that the support eliminates the strain on the 1/3" lense mount which is one of the only weak links in the 100hd. The ":sunshade" is available for $700 and change but engineering wise, well, we're spending $8000 to outfit 5 of our cameras with wings. Do not overlook the wings. Oh, and one more thing. ProMist's, IMHO, don't work with HD. Buy the Tiffin 1.2 soft instead. It's face is laser etched as opposed to the ProMist's dots which, on HD, the camera picks up as moire. This was a clue from Taylor and darned if he wasn't rigfh when I got home and just had to try it with proMists i already have. Word is proMist is working on a solution but it's kinda like the Grass Valley Infinity right now; NRFPT. As always, these observations are IMHO. There may be others out there who have not experinced it. Like today at EVS, Randy and Taylor were trying to dub froim one cam to another and it wasn't working. I went out and got one ofmy 100HDs out of the car and it worked fine. Sometimes things are hit and miss. ANd lastly, sorry about the ham-hands. I'm too ti9red to write this in Word, spell check it and import it into here. You should get the mesage.'
As always, best to all on the boards and I hope you all tune into www.2nd-Unit.tv when we debut on the 21st or are watching devbelop now.

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