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Paul Fierlinger February 26th, 2012 06:41 AM

Re: NEW nb titler
As an Afterwards to my travails:

Edward, I was unsuccessful in getting access to your blog; first I was told that my entries were already taken (of course, by me) and then something else or other kept me out but mostly I had a surge of important matters to take care of on my current commercial job, so I postponed my pursuit of a working NewBlue titler.

Soon, my Vegas 64bits began to act badly in many ways and finally crashed at every step of the way until it never managed to load my project beyond 57% and crashed. Reinstalling Vegas 64 accomplished nothing, so I uninstalled it for the last time and installed Vegas 32, which now works flawlessly, including a properly .working NB titler (note: which I hadn't attempted to do anything about until my workload subsided). It was somehow there and it has the proper version number 1.0 Build 111024 -- go figure, but the upshot is that I finally managed to muddle through it all and am a happy camper; 32 works for me better than 64 ever had.

To answer your question about my video card: NVIDIA QUADRO NVS 420, Version 276.52 GE Force 500 series. If anyone wonders about this choice I have to remind you that I am an animator who works without a camera but hand draws my frames on a Wacom tablet connected to TVPaint Pro 10. It is important to me to have 4 monitors installed and hardly important at all to obtain fast rendering speeds. This graphics/video card also gives me the maximum quality of colors at every step along my pipeline. It is possible that this choice is at the core of my bad experiences (I did have the latest update of drivers) but whatever it was, and I have no doubts that much of it was caused by operator errors, I am in pretty good shape at the moment.

Out of reckless curiosity I once more downloaded and installed Vegas 64 512 and it still fails and crashes at 57% installation. At one earlier point (before I switched to 32) I had renamed the folder where I store my AVI files to find a possible corrupted file but I wasn't even prompted to point there by Vegas before it crashed. After installing 32 my project, over an hour long, loaded in a matter of seconds -- so that eliminated my theory of a corrupted clip.

Edward Troxel February 26th, 2012 12:58 PM

Re: NEW nb titler
Paul, if you're having problems accessing anything on the website, I'd certainly like you to send me an e-mail explaining exactly what you are doing and what page it is trying to open. If it's a matter of just logging in to our website, e-mail me your details and I can certainly get that working as well.

It appears you are using the original release of Titler Pro. The current version (build 120208) can be downloaded here: NewBlue Titler Pro - Titler Software for the Professional Editor's Schedule

It also appears your video driver is not current. The current version is 295.73 (or something like that)

Paul Fierlinger February 26th, 2012 01:20 PM

Re: NEW nb titler
Thanks, Edward, I will e-mail you soon. BTW, I did at the time have the latest driver; the one you mention, 295.73 WHQL, came out just 4 days ago so I'll download it now. Thanks,

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