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Josh Bass November 4th, 2002 12:27 AM

So basically you're saying the price Cavision gave me for the matte box (445 with several adapter rings and a french flag) will be increased? Maybe I'll just stay in the US.

They gave me a price of $25 for FedEx 2 day. I get the cheapest, even if it's like a week.

John Threat November 4th, 2002 07:11 AM

Hard to find used Matte Boxes (especially bellows style)

I am getting one for my XL1S rig as soon as the next job completes.

Dylan Couper November 4th, 2002 10:39 PM

<<<-- Originally posted by Josh Bass : So basically you're saying the price Cavision gave me for the matte box (445 with several adapter rings and a french flag) will be increased? Maybe I'll just stay in the US.

They gave me a price of $25 for FedEx 2 day. I get the cheapest, even if it's like a week. -->>>

It all depends on how strict your customs people are at assessing taxes. At worst, you will have to pay whatever sales tax you would normally pay for your state. (unless you go UPS, see above)
At best, you pay nothing extra.

Josh Bass November 4th, 2002 10:56 PM

Cool. Thanks.

Adrian van der Park November 4th, 2002 11:13 PM

I've got the cavision bellows mattebox with flag and grips. Whenever I pull this camera out, people know I mean business.

I won't go into the inuendo associated with it, but from afunctional level, it works great. One professional film guy laffed his ass off when he saw it hooked onto miniDV, saying he has to get a rig like that now.

With the 14x and 2.35 A-lens/or wide angle, this is a professional looking and handling rig. The one big problem with teeny cameras is the swimmy handling as supporting a camera at your wrist introduces all kinds of rotational motion. First it needs some weight. The mattebox, rails and grips add at least 3 pounds to the rig, and the grips if moved into proper position, eases the XL1's front heavy design and allows for steadier shots when used with a proper shoulder support. As a direct result, the decisiveness of of movement within a shot is improved greatly, much more like a 16mm camera or a small 35mm.
The bellows mattebox does a wonderful job of eliminating glare from almost all places in a set or location, thus improving contrast and resolution, in addition to minimizing stray dirt particles from landing on the lens or filter. The flag performs even better ghost and flare protection. Most of those cowels that come stock with cameras are next to useless in comparison. And then there is the filter trays if you use WA converters without filter rings, or want to get into gradient ND filters (which are my fave on lock offs).

The moral of the story... there is a reason to get this equipment other than looks.


Josh Bass November 4th, 2002 11:28 PM

Please tell me I don't need the rods! I thought that was only for the 14x lens and others whose front element rotates. I mean, I know I can literally get away without them, but will the box be unwieldy and try to slip off? My friend build me an additional handle that attaches to the pistol grip bracket of my PGL, so now I have handgrips, though they are located almost in the center of the camera, rather than more forward. I like this better though, because it allows me to rest my upper arms against my body, rather than having them stick out. I was interested in the handgrips until this, now I feel I don't need them, and the rods alone add another $180 to the cost of the system!

Zac Stein November 4th, 2002 11:34 PM

I just looked up that cavision thing...

that is WILD!!!!!!!!!! i dunno what possible use i could really find for it, unless i was in a really bad sunlit area... but baby! I have to get one... because something that big and imposing will really give the actors some confidence in a professional looking production.


Adrian van der Park November 4th, 2002 11:49 PM

Kermie, You'd be surprised how much light a good mattebox cuts out.

I've seen a lot of people spraypaint cardboard black, then tape it onto their cheapie hoods that come with their cameras. Give it a whirl to find out how much crisper images can look.

Why do you think every 35mm motion picture camera has such a beast attached. DV needs every bit of sharpness it can lay its hands on. ;)

Josh, I don't see why you couldn't get by without the rails. A good step ring and tightening the clamp should work.


Zac Stein November 4th, 2002 11:56 PM


Kewl, i have/am getting this week my own xl1s with a 16x manual lens on it. (ohh baby).

What would u suggest in purchasing...

do you know the prices on these buggers?


ps. i am not concerned with owning the coolest brand on earth or anything, just something that works. Ohh the bigger the better, just for that wank factor.

Adrian van der Park November 5th, 2002 01:34 AM

I'd say try the cardboard method first. It's cheaper than buying spendy accesories. That way you can determine for yourself if you need a pro mattebox. That out of the way....

It all depends on your shooting. If you're going to be in a studio, with glaring lights, or in mild outdoor weather, then go for the bellows and rails. That way you can always add a follow focus, since you seem to have deep pockets and are serious enough to go for a great piece of glass.

If you're outside a lot, and in inclement weather, go for a slicker and a smaller 3x3, maybe with a flag.

And last but not least, always use a UV filter. Protect that expensive piece of glass at all costs. And get a carry-on size Pelican case. Costs a bit more, but worth every penny. I can sit on the edge of mine... handy when waiting for luggage at the aeroport baggage claim.

Zac Stein November 5th, 2002 01:39 AM


Cool, good advice, my pockets are not deep in the slightest... but the bank seems to like me, and i found an xdemo xl1s with the 16x manual on it, so i got it.

I will be shooting shorts... we'll be outside a bit... and also in practical locations, such as super markets and so on with all the fun of the full blown lighting.

My camera is comming with a uv filter.

I would like something to fit over the end and block unwanted lighting. Dosn't really matter if it is a smaller version so much of something, but with this beautiful equipment i don't want to start sticking pieces of paper on it and such.


Adrian van der Park November 5th, 2002 02:09 AM

I've got my XL1 covered with electrical tape, velcro and any other adhsive I can get my hands on to hold cables, alankeys, and battery packs securely. Believe me, I tried the cardboard mattebox, but got tired of making new ones all the time, and the fumes from fresh paint would give me headaches.

Not a flame, but remember the image inside the camera is what counts.


Zac Stein November 5th, 2002 02:27 AM


I dunno, i am just always neat with my equipment, and prefer not to even do stuff directly to it, unless i deem it an absolute.

I would not use cardboard on my camera... seems almost pointless... i could make something from plastic that would look nice if i really had too...


Bryan Beasleigh November 5th, 2002 03:00 AM

"They gave me a price of $25 for FedEx 2 day. I get the cheapest, even if it's like a week."

As I wrote and was obviously not read. The premium courier service includes the brokerage. Taking the cheapest way will result in a courier charge and a brokerage fee.

John Threat November 5th, 2002 08:03 AM

Anyone use the Cavision Matte Box with the 16x Manual Lens?

I hear you don't need the rods with it (although I will get it with the rods so I can use the pistol grips.

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