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Lisa Marie September 23rd, 2003 08:54 AM

harsh problems
So, bought the mx 2500, obviously a step down from the 5000, but still paid 1300 bucks for it, so not exactly a cheap camera, thing breaks 3 weeks later. Won't playback, and if it does it's super noisey. Dealing with the store that I bought it from was a total nightmare, they said the camera was 3 weeks old and not 2 weeks old, so they wouldn't take it back. Started making some noise, found a guy in japan to take it on and fix it. No problem, put in new cylinders and a control panel, whatever that may be. 2 months later, 3 recorded tapes later, SAME problem. Now, the really hard part to swallow is that I'm leaving in 17 days for a month long vacation then going back to Vancouver for good. Does anybody have any suggestions here?
What I really want is just to get rid of the thing, it's obviously a lemon, but panasonic isn't willing to take it on, and I just have too much of a conscience to sell it to some poor sucker.
I've barely used the damn thing, it's brand new.
So frustrated.

Samuel Raj September 23rd, 2003 11:31 AM

Did u buy new(open,discontinued model, with manufacturer warranty) or used?

If no warranty covers, try this, someone in this forum posted this link.


If nothing helps, Pray !

Frank Granovski September 23rd, 2003 01:39 PM

Yeah, I never liked the MX2000/2500. I had read a lot of unhappy owners' complaints----sorry, I know,this doesn't help you. What is wrong with it now? Anyway, I'm afraid the best advice would be just to stick it somewhere, like a closet, and forget about it. To fix the thing again, it'll probably cost you more money, which isn't worth it, I think. There's no warranty left? If there is, perhaps contact Allan, and see what he thinks. Where did you buy it again?

Lisa Marie September 24th, 2003 06:43 AM

warranty I have not
It really is only 6 months old, but it's totally bargining thing here for cash and no reciept kinda deal, super shady, but hey, I thought I got a deal which just turned out to be a huge pain. I am trying to get it fixed again in korea, bought it in korea but it's a japanese domestic cam that only has a warranty in japan.

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