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Juan P. Pertierra March 26th, 2007 10:32 AM

Shoot Uncompressed 14-bit RGB(4:4:4) on your HVX200
Hello DVInfo members,

Reel-Stream is proud to announce the Hydra Uncompressed Digital Acquisition system for the AG-HVX200. Based on the same concept behind the Andromeda system for the DVX100, Hydra extracts the pure full RGB(4:4:4) data available directly from the imaging block of the HVX200. This allows for uncompressed RAW recording at up to 14-bit RGB linear color, 2K resolution, and extended latitude among other advantages. Hydra functions at all frame rates normally supported by the HVX200. Preliminary specs include up to 86dB digital dynamic range, and photographic latitude comparison tests (including DVCPROHD, DVCPRO50, etc) will be posted on our website.

For more information and preliminary specs, please visit our Hydra forum at:

or our website:

Feel free to post your questions on DVXUser or email Juan@reel-stream.com

If you will be at NAB2007, come visit us at booth C11221 for more information.

Juan P. Pertierra
CTO, Reel-Stream LLC


New Product Extracts Pure Uncompressed 14-bit RGB HD Video from Panasonicís AG-HVX200(TM)

West Lafayette, Indiana (March 26, 2007) - Reel-Stream LLC today announced the Hydra(TM) Uncompressed Digital Acquisition system for the Panasonic AG-HVX200(TM) camera. Expanding the capabilities of their current AndromedaTM product for the Panasonic AG-DVX100(TM) camera, Hydra(TM) offers full bandwidth RGB (4:4:4) uncompressed digital video recording at 14-bit (linear RGB) color and up to 60 progressive frames per second when installed on the HVX200. The system extracts pure uncompressed 2K RGB data available directly from the digital imaging block of the camera, bypassing all internal compression, decimation, color conversions and other processes. The result is a video capture with increased resolution, increased latitude and zero compression artifacts for an image purity that rivals much more expensive high-end cameras at a very affordable price.

Both Hydra(TM) and Andromeda(TM) reside entirely inside the host camera, only adding a few grams of weight. The only visible change is the addition of an external port for the uncompressed data. All original functions of the cameras remain unaffected.

Both systems are bundled with the SculptorHD(TM) software solution which provides a front-end for recording the uncompressed video stream, serves as a multi-function monitor and handles the process of batch exporting captured raw footage into multiple media formats. SculptorHD(TM) is currently available as a Universal Binary for Mac OS X. Also included is xLUT(TM), a full-featured camera-independent Look-Up Table editor capable of exporting in a variety of LUT file formats.

HydraTM for the Panasonic AG-HVX200(TM)is scheduled for release during the second half of 2007, with support for other cameras to follow. Andromeda(TM) for the Panasonic AG-DVX100(TM) is currently available and can be ordered directly from the Reel-Stream website.

For more information, come see us at the NAB2007 show, booth C11221, Las Vegas Convention Center (April 16-19), or visit our website at www.reel-stream.com

Mathieu Ghekiere March 27th, 2007 03:41 AM

Which other cameras will folow?

Will there be one for the Canon XH cameras?

Thanks, and congratulations,

Will Griffith March 27th, 2007 07:11 AM

Strange. I would think the xl-h1 would be less of a stretch for 2K,
and it seems the CCD would be much easier to access as well.
But if he can get VFR out of the HVX200 @ 4:4:4 then that would
be pretty awesome.

Hopefully there is an industry standard way of capturing (i.e. Dual Link
HDSDI) in the works along with their proprietary software.

Zack Birlew March 27th, 2007 08:25 AM

*Looks over at RED titanium R and back at computer screen*


Juan P. Pertierra March 27th, 2007 09:21 AM


The Hydra hardware supports enough bandwidth to handle just about any prosumer/professional camera, including the XL-H1. However, the main issue with the XL-H1 is that it uses interlaced sensors. Since we are extracting the data directly from the front end and giving it to the user as-is, along with the tools to mold it and export it, with the XL-H1 we would also have to create an alogorithm to de-interlace the footage into something that looks like 24P.

I'd say another likely candidate is the HVC HD100 series of cameras, as they use 1280x720 progressive sensors.

We've been always focused on giving the user the pure, completely untouched data as it comes off the sensor. Given this goal, cameras with progressive sensors are somewhat better suited, but that doesn't mean we won't suppor the XL-H1 at some point. The DVX for example, has true progressive CCD's with global shuttering, so with Andromeda you don't get any rolling shutter artifacts plus you get 24 complete uncompressed RGB 1.5K images per second out of the front end.

About the interface standard, as with Andromeda we are aiming to keep this as affordable as possible, and HD-SDI usually means requiring more expensive professional hardware just get the signal. Hydra uses GigE , available on any modern computer with no additional expense needed.


Teodor Miljevic March 27th, 2007 09:33 AM

Sorry for being off topic, replying to the what camera "subthread":) Juan if it is possible i think you would have a really hot system if you could mod the
Sony DSR-450WSPL. Its one megapixel 2/3" ccd block should give you a great startingpoint for the uncompressed material. Another candidate if it is possible mod vise could be the sony f330.

Juan P. Pertierra March 27th, 2007 11:31 AM

Indeed, Hydra opens up the possibility for installing on just about any camera. There is some adjustment required in adapting the installation to the particular system, but the hardware is now VERY flexible.

We will be basing our camera support list mostly on the demand for a particular system.


Will Griffith March 27th, 2007 12:25 PM


Originally Posted by Juan P. Pertierra (Post 649405)
HD-SDI usually means requiring more expensive professional hardware just get the signal. Hydra uses GigE , available on any modern computer with no additional expense needed.

True. But I think there may be a few who would like to rent a HDCAM SR
deck and plug it in. If you've already got a H1, HVX, etc then you've got an
easy backup on almost lossless tape in which you don't need to worry as much
about drive failure.

It also opens up the capture possiblities to other editing systems, which
is a good thing.

Maybe you could offer it as an optional upgrade from the base package??
Not sure, but it would be a nice option for marketing purposes....
"Hydra system is the first to feature affordable 4:4:4 dual channel HDSDI
output, which is normaly found only in high end cameras such as Cinealta and
Viper Film Stream cameras." :) :) :)

Juan P. Pertierra March 27th, 2007 12:38 PM


Thanks for your suggestions :)

That is not out of the realm of the possibility with this system, in fact it could be an add-on.

What is important to know is that even dual HD-SDI is more limiting than the GigE output currently on the unit, you'd have to LUT the color down to 10-bits while with gigE you can get the full linear 14-bits. You'd also need two bulky coaxial cables to get 4:4:4 RGB 10-bit with HD-SDI, while with the current setup you get all the data in an easy to handle and very long GigE cable.

Another point is that for an HD-SDI signal to be standard and recorded onto a deck, it has to fit one of the SMPTE standards, which means limiting the raw frame size of the CCD to one of the SMPTE standards. For example, it looks like you will be able to get 1:85 native from Hydra in some ~2k x 1080 format. Some gymnastics have to be done to get that to fit into HD-SDI.

The other point and a benefit of this whole approach, is that since you will have Hydra plugged into a computer, you can output from the computer in the format of your choice, given that you have the hardware. So you can use the HD-SDI card you already have to generate your HD-SDI output, or use the DVI on the computer, pick your poison.

Hydra basically gives you ALL the data, exploiting the maximum capabilities of your camera hardware, what you do with the data is up to you.


Will Griffith March 27th, 2007 12:53 PM


Originally Posted by Juan P. Pertierra (Post 649553)
Hydra basically gives you ALL the data, exploiting the maximum capabilities of your camera hardware, what you do with the data is up to you.

It is going to make one awesome effects camera and studio setup, that is for sure!

Can't wait to see some examples.

Hayes Roberts March 27th, 2007 06:52 PM

Thanks Juan-
Keeps us posted on the possibilities with the JVC HD100-I'm game for offering mine for Beta...

Eric Peltier March 27th, 2007 07:09 PM

Very interesting,
What price should we pay to have the HVX200 modified?
Once the camera is modified, can you still use it the conventional way ie: P2-DVCPRO HD etc..

Noah Yuan-Vogel March 28th, 2007 12:10 AM

What always confuses me about this is how it is advertised as 4:4:4 and HD (or in this case 2k) frame sizes. That seems like pretty tough data to extract from what I understand are 960x540 sensors. Just to clear things up, is it that the 4:4:4 RGB relates to the actual RGB 960x540 sensor data, which the software can render as 2k with an effective color sampling of 4:1.875:0 (just less than 4:2:0)? is that correct?

Charles Hurley March 28th, 2007 12:30 AM

Right on GigE is a great idea. I can't figure out why none of the players have jumped on this yet. Maybe it's just too networky? Or perhaps they don't want to offer too much to the little guy.

Do you have any plans for a firestoreish device?

HDCAM sr tape costs $2 a minute. I could buy a laptop and a terrabyte of sata for the price of an sr rental and 4 hours of tape. GigE is awesome.

Could you pixel shift 2k out of the dsr450 or the hd110?

What about variable frame rates?

Wait I've got it. Just Andromedize my Nikon d80 so I don't have to buy another video camera until 3D rears it's ugly head.

Nikon Andromeda Reservation#001:)

Teodor Miljevic March 28th, 2007 06:38 AM

Vill the hydra be avaliable for the hd 100 please Juan tell us. I think you will have many potential customers if this would be the case.

Another question will you be using your sculpture software for the hydra to or will it be something else. Another question is if you will support pc or will it be mac only?

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