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Martin Archer-Shee March 17th, 2017 11:41 AM

Re: X70 external battery
Hi Chris

We might be talking at somewhat cross purposes.
I had read your earlier comments about using a 970. My understanding was that you used the 970 and fed in thought the power port, leaving the regular battery in place.

What I was wondering was having a dummy plate, shaped as the regular battery and placed in the battery port. I thought that by having the negative, positive and common connections terminals soldered to wiring going to a "plate" that held 970 type battery , such as I alluded to on eBay. In this way the camera would be directly connected to the 970 and its onboard chip, thus allowing it to "talk" directly to the camera. The only potential problem I see is if the 970 chip does not work the same as a fv100 type chip.

Of course the first problem is finding a dummy battery or making one, say by cleaning out an old fv100, and soldering the wiring in. This would then be similar to what is offered by Atomos to other systems.



Dan Gunn March 17th, 2017 01:45 PM

Re: X70 external battery
I have a LARGE Sony BP-L90A V lock battery (actually I have six of these monsters) that I use on a plate which is mounted to a shoulder support. Serves as ballast and power. At the top, I have mounted a Koolertron (Amazon) that connects to the plate with a D-tap plug and gives four D-tap ports out.

I did cut the connector off of a X70 power supply (eBay) in order to get a plug to feed power to the input of the X70.

I am still working on a DC to DC voltage transformer to correct the voltage....not just for the X70. I saw what was available on eBay at a great price but I am afraid of frying the X70. I think I need a voltage "regulator".

Photos will be posted when the rig is finished.

David Barnett January 9th, 2018 05:35 PM

Re: X70 external battery
Slowly looking to begin using the X70 with livestreaming. Events likely. Did it come with an AC power supply at all? I'm not seeing it, so I might have tossed them when housecleaning at some point.

Otherwise is anyone using external supply or are you swapping batteries. I find when shooting weddings etc I get nervous after about an hour of usage so would like have an option to plug it into an outlet if I can.

It seems this is whats needed: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/produ...2855/KBID/3801

Q. Would this work in place of newer AC-L200D (for PXW-X70 camcorder)? The difference I see is this is 1.5amp, and AC-L200D is 1.7amp.
Or when can we expect a AC-L200D to be available?

A. Yes, this will work in place of. Due to the lower amperage, the charging of the battery in the camera may take a little longer, but that would be about it. You will not see any other difference.


Dan Gunn April 10th, 2018 03:08 PM

Re: X70 external battery
Very late report! I did finally work out the problem of the12V output on my V mount battery plate so I could supply stabilized 8.4V to the X70. It was messy and I never trusted the contraption.

BTW, before I forget. This week I had a Sony FV100 go belly up and I thought this would be the time to make a dummy battery. Stupid, ignorant, retarded....I did some reading on lithium ion....burning to death is a bad way to go!!!. Do not crack the case on one of those little napalm bombs.

Back to the original subject. I found a V mount plate on Amazon that has several output jacks one of which is 8.4 volts. I bought it and tested the output jacks for voltage. Perfect 8.4V! Now, have do I determine if it is stabilized? What does "stabilized" mean anyway?

Kevin Lau April 10th, 2018 03:52 PM

Re: X70 external battery
I see this thread is quite old but I'll throw my comments in anyway since it got brought up.

Regulated output that holds within certain tolerances even with varying electrical load, and varying input voltage. As compared to an unregulated circuit which will fluctuate wildly with load and with input voltage (for example, as the source battery discharges). So you would apply a load up to the converter's rating and measure the output to ensure it is stable and free of ripple or other impairments which would cause issues with digital electronic equipment including but not limited to sudden power offs, reboots, data corruption. etc. Additionally you would sweep the input voltage within the converter's rated input range and make sure the output tracks closely to specification even as the input is varied, and that the output drops off cleanly when operated outside (typically, below, but can also be above as a protection mechanism) its rated input.

I am going to say the only real reason to want a battery eliminator insert in the InfoLithium H, V, or P form factor (they all have the same electrical pinout) is to also implement the serial data communication used to display battery state of charge information to the viewfinder. If this is not going to be implemented, then don't bother and just use the DC input jack, and rely on an external battery pack with an accurate state-of-charge meter. This allows you to still use a Infolithium battery on the camera body itself to allow hot swap of the external battery plugged in via DC-DC buck converter. On the higher end pro models (that directly accept 12-16V input) if they lose serial communication, they fall back to displaying the DC voltage reading, but on the X70 it won't show any details about the input voltage as Sony typically intends you to use it with their own power supplies.

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