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Eric Lagerlof July 7th, 2005 06:18 PM

DV from Computer
Using Premiere Pro 1.0, I seem to have intermittent problems using the FX-1 to monitor playback from the computer. DV is going into the computer and the FX-1 is playing HDV with the downconvert on. The Computer captures the downconverted HDV-DV just fine, but then when I try playing back from the timeline, sometimes the picture comes through (to the FX-1 via firewire) and sometimes not. Neither the viewfinder or the monitor attached to the camera see picture. In the menu the VCR is set to AUTO, the i-link conversion is set to ON, and the a/v-dv out is set to OFF. Sometimes changing this last setting to ON then OFF again seems to bring picure briefly, but it doesn't always stay. Even when I don't get picture playback from the timeline the capture module works fine on all fronts. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

Rob Lohman July 12th, 2005 03:40 AM

Premiere Pro 1.0 does not support HDV camera's to the best of my knowledge.
This may create problems even if you use it in DV mode perhaps? If you can I
would upgrade to Pro 1.5 to see if that fixes your problem.

Perhaps someone else has a better idea...

Eric Lagerlof July 12th, 2005 06:48 PM

Thanks Rob for your reply, I guess this hasn't come up for anyone else. It's a thought. Am using a cheapo JVC consumer camcorder and DV-A/V passthrough works just fine with that for now. And yes, when I save up the money for a computer that can handle HDV, Cindform and the newer PPro are in the budget.

Ron Evans July 12th, 2005 08:38 PM

Try setting the VCR mode to DV not auto. I expect the VCR in auto is showing HDV to PC if that was how it was used last. The PC needs to see the FX1 as a DV camcorder to playback DV. I think the auto setting is meant to be for FX1 playback not input. I use Premiere 6.5, PPRo 1.5.1 and Edius and all seem to be quite happy with FX1 set as DV and represented as standard Sony camcorder to device control.

Ron Evans

Eric Lagerlof July 12th, 2005 11:17 PM

Thanks Ron, that seems to be doing the trick. Weird, because I could've sworn I tried that before and it hadn't worked. But so far, so good.

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