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Leslie Wand September 5th, 2011 04:57 AM

MRC1k with tape change?
well there's a first time for everything....

need to record 1.5hrs without break (well, major break that is) using both tape and MRC1k.

is there any way to keep the mrc1k recording while i change tape as i presume i have to stop recording to tape in order to change it?

i've searched but can't seem to find anything.....

Allan Black September 5th, 2011 05:19 AM

Re: MRC1k with tape change?
Hi Leslie, so the tape is a backup right? Can you chance it with a 60min tape at LP speed .. or rent/purloin a 2nd machine.

My experience is a *wine tasting* of 1.5hrs could well run longer too, so you'd be covered. :)


Les Wilson September 5th, 2011 08:34 AM

Re: MRC1k with tape change?
Yes. See below. Also, I recall there's a way to not have your camcorder control the record/stop. Meaning you use the MRC1K buttons.

From page 12 of the Sony Manual:

Recording on this unit during camcorder tape replacement When connected to a camcorder that has an external REC control function, you can record video on this unit only while changing the tape of the camcorder.
Cache recording mode
The most recent approximately maximum 14 seconds of video and audio captured by the camcorder are held in a buffer memory and automatically recorded when the recording button is pressed.
To set cache recording Select [CACHE] from [REC MODE] on the menu screen.
• After cache recording, it may take about 30 seconds to write data of the cache part.
Interval recording mode
Records a series of videos at regular intervals. This function is useful to observe things like cloud movements or daylight changes. Only DVCAM/DV format is valid.
Selecting an interval recording time
Select [SETTING] t [INTERVAL] t [REC TIME] on the menu screen to set the time. You can select [0.5sec], [1sec], [1.5sec] or [2sec].
Setting the interval time
Select [SETTING] t [INTERVAL] t [INT TIME] on the menu screen to set the time. You can select [30sec], [1min], [5min] or [10min].
Setting interval recording
Select [INTERVAL] from [REC MODE] on the menu screen.
LCD screen display in interval recording mode
Remains on during recording and blinks during standby
Changing the tape
This unit
5 minutes before end of tape
Press the CAM LINK button of this unit and set it to ON.
Set the [CAMLINK SEL] setting of the [SETTING] menu in this unit to [SYNCHRO].
Set the [EXT REC CTRL] setting of the [IN OUT REC] menu in the camcorder to [RELAY].
Connect the camcorder to this unit.
Press the REC START/STOP button of the camcorder to
start recording.
• When the remaining time of the tape is less than 5 minutes, the camcorder sends a command to this unit to start recording.
• The recording by this unit can be stopped from the camcorder after changing the tape or by pressing the STOP button of this unit.
• The noise of the tape change is recorded. • The above Step 3 is for the camcorder having an exclusive
jack. For details on another camcorder you want to connect to this unit, refer to the operating instructions supplied with that camcorder.
• For details on camcorders that have an “external REC control” function and on motion detection, refer to the “Guide to supported models and their functions” supplied with this unit.
• During RELAY recording, the cache recording cannot be operated.
x Recording video from this unit

Les Wilson September 5th, 2011 08:35 AM

Re: MRC1k with tape change?
1 Attachment(s)
Here's a screen shot of the manual

Adam Gold September 5th, 2011 11:27 AM

Re: MRC1k with tape change?
I think the procedure outlined above (RELAY REC) is only for using the MRC1k to cover the tape change alone as it is in STBY the rest of the time, and if I'm reading Leslie's post correctly, the intent is to shoot the entire show on the MRC without a break, including the tape change.

We've actually covered that a few times, including here:


There are three ways detailed in the thread above. The easiest way is simply to let the tape run out and then open the tape door. The tape will eject. When you replace the tape and press REC on the cam, it will not affect the MRC.

Note that the tape change will induce a file break in the MRC file, which cannot be avoided and cannot be re-joined by the ru-util utility, but will only be about a half second or so. No way around it.

Leslie Wand September 6th, 2011 02:59 AM

Re: MRC1k with tape change?
thanks everyone (especially leslie for taking the time out to give such a comprehensive explanation!)

adam (as usual) hit the nail squarely on the head - and his 'let the tape run out' worked perfectly.

i haven't been asked to do such a recording feat before (a mining company wanted to record a 1.5hr process in real-time - not that anything actually happen mind you other than a guy pushing a button twice on a large console, but hey, the miners can afford to throw money away, and especially in my direction!!!)

so, with the possibility of it reoccurring (in case he didn't push the right button or something), i thought i'd get a 32gb card - i'm supposing it'll be another san disk, but was wondering if anyone had luck with any of the cheaper brands?*

*i know there's a thread already on this topic of cards, but what the heck.....

Frans Meijer September 8th, 2011 12:24 AM

Re: MRC1k with tape change?
We have TakeMS 120x and Transcend 133x cards and they work just fine.

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