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Paul Cronin August 5th, 2013 11:59 AM

I searched the site and looks like the F3 forum is where I should post?

Looking at purchasing the Sony F5. There are two kit options that look nice and I am discussing with two dealers.


1. How well does the FZ to EF by Optitek work? I would use EF-L glass when shooting 1080p 422 50M/bs. For footage with higher res I would rent nice glass or purchase a few PL primes.

2. Hearing mixed opinion about OLED or the nice LCD? I had that LCD monitor on the PMW-500 and PDW-F800 and liked it but have never used an OLED.

3. Sony shoulder mount? Nice it works with Sony quick release plate which I also like and own. Are there other options that also work with quick release and are cheaper? I don't like a big rig.

4. Does the camera have connections for a shoulder strap like ENG 2/3" Sony cameras?

5. Are there big benifits going with the Sony Battery? I have Switronix Pro X 130 batteries (3) which I would prefer to just use.

6. What is the difference in the SxS card reader beyond the USB 3 compared to the previous one?

Thanks for the help.

Brent Kaplan August 5th, 2013 02:53 PM

Re: Sony F5 purchase questions
Sure I was wondering some of the same things you have asked, I was wondering what your shooting with now? Im currently using and ex3 and was thinking of making a big step to the F5 but not sure.


Paul Cronin August 5th, 2013 03:03 PM

Re: Sony F5 purchase questions
Hi Brent,

Currently I am shooting with the C300. But have owned 3-2/3 XDCAMs, I like Sony product and believe in CineAlta. Also owned a Red One.

The C300 is ok for some clients but does not work for all of mine. There are clients who want 29.97, 50M/bs 422 and are happy. But I have lost a few jobs and possible new clients that request 120-240fps at 1080p, and some with 4K needs. I think the F5 would be a nice package to offer all of those options to my client with other great benifits. I do miss 24bit audio and the Sony picture look and control with a bonus of ergonomics.

The new firmware announced is what has me back looking.

Tom Roper August 5th, 2013 03:05 PM

Re: Sony F5 purchase questions
#2 - Not sure but I think the most important difference is that the oled is an eyepiece only panel, while the lcd is the flip up over a 4" lcd panel below. I would assume the oled is the better image, but must have your eye on the rubber cup.

Peter Corbett August 5th, 2013 04:35 PM

Re: Sony F5 purchase questions
Paul, I've ordered the OLED VF, extra Olivine batteries, charger and an extra 128gb Pro+ card. I felt the OLED was more compact and a much more accurate picture. It's also way smaller in exterior size.

I have the Optitek adaptor for Nikon which has been excellent. I like the Nikon lenses with the F3 (except the reverse focus) as they are manual and give good control. The pro AI-S zooms are very sharp even wide open.

I have the Tilta TB-103 base plate which works well with the F3 and slots on to the VCT-14 quick release plate. It's $330. I removed the QR sled on the Tilta and attached the baseplate directly to the F3. had to drill out one of the mount holes to make it fit. But I'm looking at the Arri base plate for the F5.

I don't know about straps. I don't carry it around like shooting news.

Paul Cronin August 6th, 2013 08:15 AM

Re: Sony F5 purchase questions
Hi Peter,

Thanks for the input. Good point on the size of the OLED. I know the LCD took up a lot of extra space in the Portabrace bag with my PMW-500. Always made me nervous when putting it in the overhead. I fly a lot with my gear so small is a bonus. Also means I would have to carry a monitor since most of my shoots the producer needs to look back at clips through out the day and that makes the LCD better smaller.

I have a lot of Canon EF-L glass for my still work and my C300 so all set with 1080p glass. The EF-L glass with IS is great for a lot of my hand held work. Will rent PL lens that fit the focal length I need for the job at hand. Be nice to try the Fujinon zoom in the helicopter.

The ΩTilta TB-103 base plate looks nice. The Sony shoulder brace comes with one of the kits they are selling so I might go with that setup but want to see it first. I have a VCT-14 quick release plate sitting on a shelf also a very nice Kessler QR plate that works with my 5D MKIII and C300 well. Very positive lock and once slid in will not come out even not locked. Great light system that I also use on a small dolly

The shoulder strap is something I always use on my cameras. There are times I just need it on the water moving around boats which is a big part of my work. I have set up the Canon C300 with a neck strap that is a huge help. Sure I can figure out a strap with the F5, but always liked the Portabrace strap on the eng cameras..

Paul Cronin August 6th, 2013 08:16 AM

Re: Sony F5 purchase questions
We should move this to the F5 forum?

Paul Cronin August 6th, 2013 08:17 AM

Re: Sony F5 purchase questions
Hi Tom,

Have you used the LCD and OLED on the F5?

Chris Hurd August 6th, 2013 09:33 AM

Re: Sony F5 purchase questions

Originally Posted by Paul Cronin (Post 1807600)
We should move this to the F5 forum?

Threads merged; now in F5 forum.

Paul Cronin August 6th, 2013 09:35 AM

Re: Sony F5 purchase questions
Wow, you are on it Chris thank you!

Paul Cronin August 6th, 2013 09:40 AM

Re: Sony F5 purchase questions
So the kit I am pricing is the following:

1. PMW-F5
2. DVL-F350 LCD Viewfinder
3. SBACUS20 SxS USB card reader.
4. Two - Sony SBP128B SxS Pro+ cards
5. Shape 7000 baseplate w/out handles

That should have me productive right away since it would be on a job days after arrival.

Anything that F5 owners think I am missing let me know? I might already own it but always happen to learn.

Ron Wilk August 6th, 2013 08:24 PM

Re: Sony F5 purchase questions
I'm sure you must be aware, but I thought I would mention just in case, that Sony has a package deal presently that includes:
PMW-F5 with PL Mount Lens Adapter
DVF-L350 LCD Viewfinder
V-Mount Battery
Dual Battery Charging Station
32GB SxS Card
USB 3.0 SxS Reader / Writer
Shoulder Mount Accessory
ATA-Tough Hard Case
Optitek FZ to EF Lens Adapter

For less than the F5 and LCD EVF would cost as separates.

Paul Cronin August 7th, 2013 05:59 AM

Re: Sony F5 purchase questions
Hi Ron,

Yup, did see both kits which are hard to beat price wise.

Ron Wilk August 7th, 2013 08:24 AM

Re: Sony F5 purchase questions
Hi Paul,
I thought you might have. I couldn't resist the OLED package. However, I am have some difficulty figuring out how to mount a shotgun mic. Have you arrived at a possible solution?

Paul Cronin August 7th, 2013 08:38 AM

Re: Sony F5 purchase questions
Hi Ron,

No, I have not given that any thought yet. Might have to use one of the universal arms and mount it to the handle or a 1/4-20 somewhere. I do find it silly that they did not put strap mounts and a simple shotgun mount.

From what I am learning I would need the SxS Pro+ to get the most out of internal recording?

Then to do 4K and 2K-120-240fps I need CD OdysseyQ or Sony recorder?

There is no way to record XAVC 4K with the F5 correct?

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