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Kenny Cowburn October 7th, 2009 02:23 AM

EX3 vs. Electrical storm question
So while shooting a wakeboard event in Turkey this weekend, I experienced a rather strange phenomenon with the LCD of my EX3.

the camera was on an island in the middle of the lake, which has a cable system running in a pentagon system to drag the wakeboarders around the lake.

then came the storm, thunder, lightening, wind and rain.......

everyone ran for cover, but not before the first 15 - 20 lightening flashes had already taken place.

once under cover, the guy using my cam at the time noticed 2 translucent brown bars running horizontally across the viewfinder about a cm. wide each and fairly randomly spaced.

He called me over and we checked it out together.....

The camera was bone dry...

I switched on the cam and there were still brown bars visable........ he said that it had been much worse 5 minutes before... and it seemed to be fading
so after seeing if changing through the ND filters, switching on and off, checking through all the apperture and zoom settings, I saved my setup and decided to do a reset.

once we switched on again it was sorted. reloaded my settings and all good.

one thing I didnīt do which I realised a minute later that I shouldīve done was switch to colour bars and check if the brown was still there then..... and also record something to see if the problem was from the chips or just the viewfinder.

so here is my theory:

due to the amount of steel cable running in more or less a circle around the camera at between 30 and 50 meters and all the electricity in the air, the LCD freaked.

Iīm back @ home now and checked the cam through last night, it all seems fine..

do the stormchasers out there have any theories???

Kenny Cowburn October 10th, 2009 05:57 AM

Looks like Iīm the only one who has suffered such a problem.....

good thing I suppose

The other EX3 which was on the same island at the time, freaked out completely, the LCD went black and wouldnīt do anything.....(this cam however did get wet...)
I must find out if itīs working again.

now I have had the EX1 LCD die on me during a very wet snowstorm in Romania before,.......... after sitting indoors in a heated cabin overnight, it was fine..........and I still shot with it for another 3 days out in the snowy carpathians....

if anyone has experienced similar situations, Iīd be please to hear about your experiences

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