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Andreas Andreou January 27th, 2011 12:37 PM

Fujinon HSs 18x5.5 for EX3 or not?
I'm looking to purchase a 1/2 inch lens for my EX3.
the Fujinon HSs18x5.5 has been recommended.
Can anyone advise on the pros & cons and image that this lens produces with the EX3?
Also how does the CA compare with the stock lens when shooting objects against a bright background?
My work is mainly live stage, dance and theatre production.

Would appreciate any help or advise on alternative lens.



Doug Jensen January 27th, 2011 03:07 PM

Whether the HSs18x5.5 is worth it or not depends on what you are expecting to gain from it.

I have that exact same lens and used it on my EX3 100% of the time before I sold that camcorder a few months ago. Optically, there wasn't much of a difference because the stock lens looks pretty good already.

For me, the difference was all about ergonomics. I will never feel comfortable shooting with a small camcorder like an EX1 or EX3. I prefer bigger, heavier, shoulder-mount camcorders like my F800. But, with the HSs18x5.5 mounted on the EX3 I could almost believe I was using a traditional ENG/EFP camcorder. Having a real broadcast lens on the camera just made all the difference in the world for hand-held shooting, smooth zooming, accurate focusing, and even adjusting the exposure.

If you don't have experience shooting with broadcast ENG/EFP lenses then investing in the new lens may or may not be worth it. But if you feel uncomfortable with the ergonomics and limitations of the stock lens performance in other ways besides the optics, then I highly recommend it.

Here's some stuff that was shot with my HSs18x5.5
I've posted it a few times before and I'm sure some people are sick of it. Sorry.
I purposely won't post the whole URL so it doesn't embed and take up space. You can track it down if you're interested.

Also, a lot of the footage in my EX3 training DVD was shot with that lens.

Andreas Andreou January 28th, 2011 03:58 AM

Thanks for your comments and air show link...food for thought!
Also, the training video was worth every penny, you probably have a ready made market out there for an in-depth follow up video for serious EX-3 owners.
Great Video.


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