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Alfred Okocha February 23rd, 2016 05:23 AM

Newbie s-log and LUT for FS5
Hi there!

The FS5 is the first camera I own that shoots s-log and though I've read much about it I haven't really used it in a live situation yet.
Most of my work is broadcast with short deadlines so I don't have time to colorgrade a lot, BUT, if there is a quick LUT that could be applied so that I could take advantage of the full 14 stops and not having blown out skies for example it would be lovely.

My FS5 goes automatically to WB 3200 when i go to PP7 and PP8. Is there a way of changing that? (Or does it not even matter??)

When I apply the FCP X log processing Sony S-log2 and 3 to my footage, it looks... really bad... Is there more LUTS that you can apply to FCP somehow or do you have to use a different software? (Looks bad in part because WB is way wrong...)

Lots of stupid questions here I'm sure but I could really use some help to take my first insecure steps on the S-log path...

Any input is very welcome!

Thank you!

Doug Jensen February 23rd, 2016 04:59 PM

Re: Newbie s-log and LUT for FS5
If you are on tight deadlines and don't have time (or the interest) in color grading properly with a program such as Resolve, the best thing you can do is not use S-LOG at all. You'll be much better off going with the camera's other gamma curves and complimentary paint menus settings to create a pleasing image right out of the camera with no messing around in post. In other words, you can't use S-LOG casually and expect to get great results.

Alfred Okocha February 24th, 2016 12:40 AM

Re: Newbie s-log and LUT for FS5
Ok, that's what i suspected. Thanks Doug.

FCP X is not enough to do decent color grading?

Doug Jensen February 24th, 2016 06:34 AM

Re: Newbie s-log and LUT for FS5
FCPX is not good enough for S-LOG grading. And neither is Premiere. Proper grading of S-LOG and Sony RAW requires a dedicated grading tool such as Resolve, Baselight, etc.

In fact, I would say that anything you can do with S-LOG in FCPX -- you could have just done it in-camera with a non-S-LOG gamma and then not had to do any grading at all. So what's the point of shooting S-LOG if you're only going to be able to make it look like normal video in the end anyway (and possibly a lot worse)? Make life easier for yourself and just use the other gammas.

I'm sure some people will jump on here to disagree with me, but that's my opinion from a lot of experience with S-LOG and speaking to other people who's opinions I respect.

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