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Donald McPherson February 5th, 2017 04:06 AM

Re: Basic Equipment for Live Streaming
Elgato sell a pci card you plug in at a reasonable price. But again how many can you plug in without driver issues. (I just mention Elgato but there must me a few other makes)

Chris Harding February 5th, 2017 05:54 AM

Re: Basic Equipment for Live Streaming
Donald ? with your adapters can you set them up so the live video runs on a second monitor ? I know I can use Studio on my main monitor and it will recognise a second monitor as a video source ..it seems that Roger even struggles to get video to play live with his boxes?? Does the software with the adapters have some sort of program to monitor the incoming live video?

Donald McPherson February 5th, 2017 07:28 AM

Re: Basic Equipment for Live Streaming
I am using a laptop so no second monitor. What you could do is setup with HDMI splitter and a Lilliput or similar. Some have pass through so no need for splitter.

Chris Harding February 5th, 2017 07:12 PM

Re: Basic Equipment for Live Streaming
Hi Donald

I don't have an HDMI>USB adaptor but Roger seemed to have an issue getting an output from both his Avermedia and Elgator units. How can you test the adaptor ? You obviously plug the camera into the HDMI input and the USB into a port on the computer ....All I was asking was once everything is on and running do you get live video on your screen and what software (apart from your Xsplit switcher) is used to confirm that video is coming into the computer ,, Surely the adaptor comes with some sort of software to allow you to check that it's working?

Roger Gunkel February 6th, 2017 05:39 AM

Re: Basic Equipment for Live Streaming
Hi Chris,

My Elgato box was returned, but the Avermedia I have held onto to experiment with. It came with software that enabled you to view the input and record with the software. That all works fine, just can't get a picture in Livestream or Vmix. Whether you could use the included software to get a monitor view on a second screen is uncertain.


Chris Harding February 6th, 2017 05:51 AM

Re: Basic Equipment for Live Streaming
Hi Roger

Sorry to go on with this but it's useful stuff to know for me too so I'm "using" you to gain information if I need it!!

. If you have two monitors then if you download the free utility called Livestream Remote Camera and install and run on your computer it allows studio to "see" both monitors and you can use them as remote cameras. If you also run the Avermedia view software and then drag the window onto your 2nd monitor you have the 1st monitor to run studio and the 2nd monitor as your live camera view and you can bring the 2nd monitor in as a remote live camera.

You can also of course hook the Avermedia up to say, a laptop and as long as it's connected to the same wifi as your main computer (and is running Livestream remote camera ) you can also bring that in as a remote camera and it's of course a wireless signal too! I was wondering if these little mini computers (Intel NUT) might work as they actually have an HDMI input too so one wouldn't need the Avermedia box

On vMix you might be able to do the same thing but I'm not sure how

Maybe something to amuse you on your still chilly Winter nights???

Phil Holder February 6th, 2017 06:43 PM

Re: Basic Equipment for Live Streaming
Something new announced yesterday. Blackmagic Atem Studio and Web Presenter. Web presenter acts like a web camera. Takes your pro equipment and turns it into a 720p hd feed.


Chris Harding February 6th, 2017 08:58 PM

Re: Basic Equipment for Live Streaming
Thanks Phil

Interesting! It looks like it's a powered device (mains) which is a bummer for weddings in the park. One assumes that you still need to cable from the camera to the computer even with the add on device ....Pity it wasn't a wifi device like the Broadcaster Pro and also battery powered. You still need an HDMI or SDI input on your computer so I honestly cannot see any huge advantage between this and a HDMI>USB converter box which is heaps cheaper. It is cheaper than a Teradek or Broadcaster Pro but I think they are way more convenient and can stream out on their own and are self powered.

What set up are you using?

Giroud Francois February 7th, 2017 07:58 AM

Re: Basic Equipment for Live Streaming
there are 2 way for going streaming.
the first way is to consider streaming like just another media and you build a live set as usual, several cameras wired to a video mixer/switcher and recorder.
Many people have to good old videonics MX1 or use more recent system in HD like the ATEM.
You can also user very expensive equipement like the NEWTEK tricaster or the VMIX GO.

You can also go for an all in one computer (since anyway you will need it) . this goes from the cheap and easy to the high end and expensive, depending you needs or budget.
Personally i have both.

I have some laptop, with GSM data card (some place are out of any internet access) , the vmix program and 3 webcams with long cables (about up to 45 feet usb cable).
If needed i can have a roaming camera with the NDI wifi connection over an iphone or ipad.
If needed i can use my magewell HDMI to usb converter to capture video from a regular camera (with the benefit of zooming).
Webcam can be modified to use CS lenses , so you can put them closer to PC while still having a good framing.see here an example. Lukse.lt Modifying Logitech C920 for CS lenses

This will allow you to make a live editing of the event, stream on youtube, facebook or periscope, record on disk at the same time in higher resolution than stream. You will be able to ad lower third for names and tiles of speakers, countdown on stream before event starts. and even play movies or show picture if the event has some presentation.

The same setup can be build with an heavier equipement lke a big PC tower, with 4 input SDI card, hdmi to sdi converter for cameras, coax cable (that is easy to install and sturdy enough to last) and you can bring professional cameras on tripod with cameramen behind or even untethered cameras with wireless connection to be spot on action as a photographer would.

The good news about that is all the software part could be free (OBS studio is freem, youtube, facebook or pericope live streaming is free), so if you already have the video equipement, this would not add to the bill.

and nothing prevents you to record on-camera as usual to make a neat editing after the event.

Phil Holder February 7th, 2017 05:36 PM

Re: Basic Equipment for Live Streaming
I don't actually have any setup for streaming video. I do have sdi switching gear. I've been in the broadcast industry for 32 years. Was doing a lot of big screen work around town but as with your industry it has been flooded with people who can buy equipment for next to nothing. I'll say no more. Just saw web presenter yesterday on a webinar before I went of to work. Didn't really have time to take it in. Just thought I would on pass to you guys to check it out.

Chris Harding February 8th, 2017 04:42 AM

Re: Basic Equipment for Live Streaming
I know exactly how you feel. Years ago we were using cameras that cost anywhere between $15K to 25K so it was an exclusive industry. Nowdays kids leaving school can buy a DSLR for a few hundred. Soon your wedding will be shot by acne faced kids using their mobile phones. At least live broadcast is a little more complex than the newbie DSLR brigade who offer cinematic wedding films and brides seem happy with the new terminology! To me if I had to shoot a "cinematic" wedding it would have to be with a 16mm Arri at least but costs prohibit it! It is indeed a sad state of the industry and at least we can offer something a little more unique with live streaming for now but soon people will be offering it with a shaky iPhone video streamed to FaceBook and will get away with it too!

Steven Digges February 28th, 2017 06:35 PM

Re: Basic Equipment for Live Streaming

Yes, weeks ago I promised to chime in and help with equipment information threads. Everything blew up on me and I did not even have time to read on the board much less post. Of course you guys don't need me.

Considering how far you have gotten with everything I just started a long thread on hardware switchers. I hope that helps someone.

I read every post. Rodger, when you struggle to get signals to lock on keep in mind to try both interlaced and progressive signals. There are still devices and monitors that do not like progressive signals.

I will post more later when I can.

Kind Regards,


Giroud Francois March 1st, 2017 03:14 PM

Re: Basic Equipment for Live Streaming
quotes "At least live broadcast is a little more complex".
That is exactly the opposite.
the hard thing is to get the picture (properly framed, lighted, color balanced, mixed etc...).
If you get it, streaming it today is as simple as connecting a box to the output of the camera or the mixer.
you can even do it from a smartphone and all that for free if you got an internet connection or a good plan.
Proffessional usually avoid streaming because they think it is complicated or expensive.
It is , if you work "offline", record the event then edit in post.
If you learn to do everything "live" , it is very simple and for lots of events, you cut a lot of time for post production. Some of my events even have none.

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