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Sunny Dhinsey June 14th, 2004 09:48 AM

Editing Quotation Help!
First of all, this is probably posted in the wrong forum, so I expect it to be moved etc, but I wasn't really sure which concise category my enquiry fitted into (!)

I have been approached by a UK football (soccer) agent to edit some footage of himself into a showreel which he wishes to submit to TV channels in a bid to become a sports presenter.

The footage is basically clips of himself giving interviews and opinions on various UK TV channels such Sky Sports, BBC1, ITV etc.

He would like a 3 - 4 minute showreel, showcasing his screen presence and knowledge of football (soccer).

The only uncertainty I posess is regarding how much one charges for this service! I don't know anybody who does this kind of work so I don't have an idea of any 'market rate' for such a project.

I will be using Sony Vegas to edit most of the footage (which is from a digital source) and outputting to DVD and VHS. I am a skilled editor who usually specialises in documentaries and weddings, but my work contrasts to the nature of the forthcoming project.

If there is anybody who can help with this wide and open question I would be most grateful!

Also, if anybody has done this sort of thing before and would like to share creative tips they are more than welcome!

I am sure I have left out many details and will reply to all helpful posts,

Thanks guys!

Dan Uneken June 14th, 2004 11:27 AM

For me, much depends on:
1. Is this a job I would really love to do and do I have a lot of other work?
2. The client: what relation do I have with him/her, will it open up new avenues for me, etc?

I always apply a minimum of say 25 euros an hour (about 15 pounds). You've invested in a lot of gear and worked hard to gain experience. Any less than that is unrespectful towards you and the profession, in my opinion.

Sunny Dhinsey June 14th, 2004 11:45 AM

Hi Dan,

In response to your criteria:

1) Yes this IS a job I would love to do and I always have projects that I'm involved in, but I haven't really done anything like this before (hence my uncertainty regarding certain factors)

2) I am not on regular social terms with the Football agent and have been recommended to him via another person, and as for the opportunities, I believe that I can learn from each project I do and because this particular project is for showing to established TV channels, I guess there will be some exposure to myself.

I know there are a lot of contributing factors that can influence the eventual decision, so I was hoping that I may find somebody who has done work of this nature before and that they could give me an idea about things such as charges etc, but thank for your response and suggestions!

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