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Matt Woodson November 11th, 2004 05:53 AM

What to do in this Situation
I'm writing a screenplay with two other people. I know there needs to be release forms signed between us as writers.

Question is.. I'll be planning to Direct this film in the future, and start planning the pre-production once we are done writing. Now is there a release form between a writer and a director, even though I'm writing it too. I'll be planning, preparing the budget, asking for grants, etc doing all that. Basically wanting control, and not later having troubles with the other 2 writers saying let me do this, No it has to be like this.

I was told, Register the script with all the writers attached. Then you as Company XYZ option or purchase the script for $1. You will then have a nice paper trail and will own the rights.

But If I do the $1 dollar buying from the writer's
does that mean they don't get any money from the project. The thing is if this project gets distributed and if we got some money for it, I want them to get paid also. Plus why would I be buying the script from myself?

And if I find a producer for the film, how does that gurantee me as the director?

I'm confused about this.

Don't know how to go about it. I mean the script is registered under myself, and 2 other people, same with the copywrite is all under our names.

Dan Uneken November 12th, 2004 11:50 AM

I see this as two issues:

1st issue is the co-writer status. I think you should agree between yourselves about the distribution of possible proceeds and whatever else, then go to a lawyer and have him/her draw up a nice document fixing all that. The lawyer probably has some good ideas about this issue.

You being the director is a totally different one and is between the writers and a possible producer. It's just one requirement that you guys have towards the producer. It may make it harder to find one...
You can always try & produce it yourself. Gives you all the creative freedom, because a producer often doesn't let the director do his thing either and I have the feeling that that is important to you.

Matt Woodson November 12th, 2004 01:44 PM

Yes I plan to produce for sure also, but might get other producers involved.

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