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Damien Ryan November 15th, 2006 10:36 AM

Business Plans, And thanks guys
I have been seriously considering, for these past months to turn my interest in DV film making into a business. It seemed logical enough, the bulk of the overhead is already taken care of, why not go the extra step and try make some money back?

So after reading much advice on these forums and others, I sat down and reluctantly completed a business plan on the issue. It seemed excessive to me, considering it didn't matter so much to me if I didn't make a huge amount of money, as I was just using the business aspect for the purposes of cost covering.

I just figured out, that the plan i had in my head would leave me with just over 22000 AUS (1 AUS = 0.75 US) turnover in 18 months and no pay. And I hadn't factored in insurance yet (not for equipment anyway).

Amazing. Now I have to re assess my entire position, but I am thankful for it, I can see the mistakes I made, and will not waste my time with an unworkable pricing structure and an unrealistic personal goals.

Thanks guys for indirectly urging me to sit down and do a careful cost analysis. I really appreciate it.

If anyone here is feeling particularly generous, I wouldn't mind an experienced individual looking over the business plan quickly and telling me where and how I'm going wrong on this. But either thanks, and to anyone else out there looking to get into something like this, please do a long hard look at what your plans are, no matter how straightforward and obvious they seem.

Michael Dalton December 1st, 2006 10:11 AM

Maybe I should have done a business plan??

The problem with business plans is the feild is unpredictable, if you plan on making Documentaries or films, it helps if you have something commissioned by a network, you can't count on anything selling just based on an idea or because you made it.

More important is your marketing plan, how are you going to make money. Even with lots of experience, it is hard to find work, and most jobs come out of refferals.

It is good to set goals, where you plan to make money and what you are willing to and more importantlycan do.

Good luck, you'll need it.


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