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Pete Cofrancesco May 12th, 2019 07:04 AM

Sachtler accessories
Is there any alternatives to Sachtler middle level spreader and rubber feet?
I got a great deal on a tripod and head, unfortunately it came with a floor spreader. I was shocked to find out rubber feet and spread cost just under a thousand!!!

My options
1. used spreader and feet $700
2. used legs that come with a mid level spreader $800
3. legs that don’t use a spreader like miller solo
3. adapt a less expensive brand spreader/feet.
4. try to live with it.

The reason I want a mid level spreader is I often have to straddle the last row and/or the floor stepped filming stage events (which this will be used exclusively for).

One other question what’s the quickest and best way to deploy and break down with a floor spreader. With a traditional tripod I would extend one leg at a time. That method doesn’t work with a floor spreader.

Chris Hurd May 15th, 2019 06:51 PM

Re: Sachtler accessories
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Posted on behalf of twice-decorated sterling member Alastair Traill, due to image upload wonkiness. Message to wit:

"My reply was to Pete Cofranesco in the Tripod section of DVInfonet headed 'Sachtler Spares’.

If the aim of the spreader is just to stop the legs spreading accidentally this can be achieved cheaply. I have been using stainless steel chains joined by stainless steel spring washers (see photos). The gap on the washer can be increased by twisting and then twisting back again once the link is inserted.

In one of the tripods shown the chain is attached to the tripod while on the other it is just a loop slipped over the tripod at a convenient point.


Alastair Traill"

Pete Cofrancesco May 15th, 2019 09:15 PM

Re: Sachtler accessories
Thanks great idea. I might put that to use. I had a similar idea (less sophisticated). I would detach only the one leg that straddles the row from the floor spreader and use gaffers tape to secure it to the floor. The chain would be more secure.

I also purchased legs custom made by video company on ebay MCCOM for only $200. Came in the mail today and was very happy. I still will use the Sachtler legs which are more stable and takes less space than tube spreader-less tripods legs.

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