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Marj Atkins April 8th, 2013 02:03 PM

Re: Uwol 25 Realization
Hi Dale

Your film is well considered, well narrated and has a very clear message. There is a sense of peace about it. (I liked the phrase “..as the sun crests the horizon…”) I was a bit puzzled when you said “..survived the prior experience…” as though something had happened yet we were not in on it.

Your title is clever and the text is simple, to the point.

How you always manage to find so many animals and birds out and about in the winter snow is quite amazing (although I did notice the hay bales where the deer were feeding so I suppose they in particular were drawn by the munchies). What ate the deer?

The shots of the yearling in the snow were stunning. My favorite shot is at 00.54, though - really nice slow motion of the little horned lark landing. (Such pretty birds.)

Very good sound Dale – Good, clear voice over and well articulated - and I liked the way you handled your music.

You have a unique take on the theme that works well. I enjoyed watching this.

Lorinda Norton April 19th, 2013 11:30 PM

Re: Uwol 25 Realization
Way to hook us in the first few seconds and keep us spellbound through the 1:00 mark, Dale! Very compelling images and editing there. I enjoyed the entire video, but the reason I single out the first minute is that it seemed flawless to me, with a great flow and feel to match all the nice images.

Call me dense (a lot of people think it but are too kind to say) but I had a little trouble with the flow during the following sequences, I think because the narrative didn't compute with me as it should have. Nevertheless, I found the little dear nudging the other one out of the way at 1:32 entertaining. Pretty as they are, they can be bratty, too! The harsh side of nature is always uncomfortable for me to face, yet you cushioned it well.

How did you feel about the length of this entry? I thought it was just right. Well done!

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