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Craig Turner October 13th, 2009 07:12 AM

Finally first 5D2 wedding..Trailer Clip! booo to 30p though
The Australian wedding season is just getting underway and finally got to shot our first one on the 5D.


Pretty much jumped into the deep end shooting the majority of the wedding on it.
It's a fantastic Camera and so much tidier than using a 35mm DOF adapter. (in some ways)
Biggest problem now is editing it with PAL HDV footage. The up-converted 25fps HDV material to 30p is just not working. You can get an "ok" result when it is slowmo-ed but otherwise it just looks too jittery and is not mixing with the other camera in a satisfactory way.

The only practical option I can see at this point is to sell the 5D2 and get a 7D.
It sucks though as I based all our original lens decisions on a full frame body. With a 7D's 1.6 crop factor it's kind of messed everything up. I love going really wide on the 5D2 and really enjoyed it as a stills camera.

I have been thinking about this way too much today. I think my brain is bleeding.

Chris Moisidis October 13th, 2009 06:26 PM

Excellent work! Unlike most in this game you really know how to compose the frame.
Whilst l can't advise you on how to improve the 5D MkII 30p problems, l can say this. If your clients don't mind the look of 30p, you should not worry about it. If l were you though l'd flog the 5D and its lenses to a pro photographer whilst they are still popular and current and get yourself a schmick 7D or GH1 kit.

Craig Turner October 20th, 2009 02:23 AM

Hey cheers chris.

hmm it looks like we might need to get a 7D. The jitter is pretty bad in 25i projects. Have spent hours experimenting and it doesn't look like it is going to happen unfortunately.

Dimitris Mantalias October 20th, 2009 02:37 AM

Hi Craig. Have you tried to change the speed of the footage by using a combination of After Effects and Twixtor? I know that people use it for issues like this, although I haven't tried it yet for this particular work (don't have yet a MKII). Twixtor is slow, but unless you have huge amounts of footage that demand too much rendering time, it may save you.

Oh, and BTW, very impressive work!

Jordan Nash October 20th, 2009 04:44 AM

The video looked really nice, but I have to admit that I couldn't stop thinking about House.

Phivo Christodoulou October 20th, 2009 06:16 AM

Hi Craig, nice work.

I recently did a project where it was a combination of Z1 HD-V footage & 5D Mark II footage (converted to the Edius HQ format but kept it in it's original NTSC standard).

I set the project to 1920x1080 PAL for final output on PAL Blu-ray.

However up until the time of export I edited on a cheap 4:3 TV. To get output in Edius I set the project to 720x576 PAL 16:9.

It worked well. There are 25p limitations (crappy slow-motion), but generally I didn't see a problem with it.

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