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Dimi Arachi July 9th, 2015 04:46 AM

Camera settings for dance
I am new to DSLR video. I have a party to film. This party have flash dace item done by 3 guys to the guest. I am thinking what settings should I go to keep all in focus and sharp. Not sure how you guys are setting the camera. My set up is one camera on tripod for steadiness.
I am thinking:

focus : on infinity
f: 5.6
speed: 1/60 ( 24 fps) for the motion

Is this the best way to get a sharp focus ?

Roger Gunkel July 9th, 2015 05:09 AM

Re: Camera settings for dance
Hi Dimi, welcome to the forum.

I really think that if you need to ask those sort of basic questions, you may not be ready to shoot under pressure with a DSLR., you may be better to use a video camera.

The questions you are asking are virtually impossible to answer without knowing the type of camera you are using, the type of lens, how much light there will be on the subject, how far away from them you are gong to be etc. The focus is not relevant to the shutter speed, aperture or frame rate, so you will have to decide whether the Autofocus is fast enough, which I doubt on a DSLR or whether you are going to be following focus manually as the dancers move about, which will also quite likely be difficult if you are inexperienced in that type of filming. Setting to infinity is unlikely to be suitable if you are close to the subject or if you are not leaving the camera on the widest angle.


Steve Bleasdale July 9th, 2015 06:01 AM

Re: Camera settings for dance
+1 Roger, learn your specs Dimi

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